Kitchen decor: the plastic tabletop

kitchen decor-plastic countertops

The modern kitchens the role played by the plastic tabletop, it is difficult to underestimate. They are a key link that brings together all elements of space: from components to kitchen appliances. Moreover, being made in the format bar, they can replace the dining table.

Features kitchen surfaces

Needless to say that the requirements that must be met for countertops, very much:

  • the heat resistance;
  • resistance to intensive mechanical stress;
  • easy to care;
  • resistance to chemicals, aggressive media, UV and sunlight;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • security;
  • the variability of surfaces;
  • a wide range of colors;
  • accessibility;
  • reasonable cost;
  • moisture resistance;
  • aesthetics;
  • the durability and reliability.

The tops which are covered with laminated film capable of withstanding heating to a temperature exceeding one hundred and twenty degrees Celsius. They can safely put hot cups and plates, kettle and even a frying pan. The table top surface will not warp, will not fade and no deformation. Such a high resistance to heat, moisture and chemicals provides a protective film.

Under the top layer is Kraft paper, which hides chipboard. At observance of all technological aspects and the use of quality raw material the laminated products are completely safe. The solidity of the structure of the product gives a mixture of synthetic resin, which impregnated all his layers.

Nuances when ordering countertops

When you purchase laminate and plastic tops should be guided by information about the country in which the products was manufactured. The most trusted buyers enjoy countertops manufactured in the European Union. Excellent evaluation experts of the tabletop from Germany, which are used not only in the design of kitchen space, but also on the enterprises of shipbuilding and automotive industries.

The presence of a security certificate guarantees the possibility of production in the medical and educational institutions, as well as in kindergartens and schools. Alternatively, the laminate countertops may be product of artificial stone, composites, acrylic. They are not less durable, convenient in operation and simple daily care.

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