Kitchen Art-Deco — modest shocking in your home

Kitchen Art-Deco - modest epotazh to your home

Kitchen in the style of Art Deco is a modest outrageous to your home! A good half of European countries, prefer just such style in interior design. We think it is too pathetic. However, designers of programs about the repair of apartments and strive to make the elements of art Deco in their design decisions. And for good reason. This decor is looks very spectacular and impressive as in the picture, and in life.

How to distinguish art Deco from other styles?

Furnituremade in the style of art Deco can be distinguished by such characteristic details:

  • the presence of gold or silver elements.
  • the balance of black and white tones;
  • mirror insert, crystal, colored glass;
  • here combines vintage and modernity;
  • multilevel ceilings and vintage chandeliers;
  • art instead of trinkets.

Stlye art Deco in the kitchen interior

During project development, kitchen, art Deco everything you need to choose the dominant color. It is important to remember that the colors of this direction is not large. So you have to choose between silver and gold. This color palette is traditional for this design ideas. And what to prefer-to solve to You. As an option we offer to do something like described below:

  • The furniture in the facade with gold finish should be light, with a dark silver finish.;
  • Game the white and black colors are most common in this case. And it manifests itself in everything.;
  • The walls should be light or dark. Will be nice to look and striped Wallpaper (black and white preferably);
  • Cornices and plinths ink colors metal dominant;
  • Floor tile shall be glossy or similar quality laminate. Patterns welcome both geometric and traditional.

Despite the fact that it is a style solution combines the incongruous, the furniture should play a leading role in the bigger picture of design.

And finally, it is worth to name the main requirements. So, in this style, it should be:

  • exquisite;
  • luxury;
  • original;
  • wood, metal or glass panels of the facade;
  • contrast;
  • glossy or with rhinestone fittings;
  • the chairs must blend in with the dining table;
  • appliances should be same color as the dominant metal;
  • countertop contrast gamma of the facade;
  • stained-glass Windows (preferably).

Whatever your decision when designing in this style, remember everything must be in harmony with each other. After all, the correct choice of interior depends on your reputation and success. Undoubtedly not something someone can impose. Don’t like this style, there are many others. However, it is about art Deco say modest, European luxury that is not exhibited fully. That’s why we would like to wish you a successful repair and comfort after its completion.

Visit the online furniture store and pick up something to your taste. Perhaps it is the style of art Deco is the perfect option for your kitchen?!

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