Kazantip 2009.Flight on trikes

At Kazantip in the sky,especially at events,is an integral part of the picture is not only beautiful sunsets,not only beautiful music but also flying trikes

In the past year have not had the chance to fly,although he was at Kazantip 2-in a total of 17 days,decided that it is necessary

In the West decided not to fly,not light enough to shoot everything,and for a half hour before sunset flew.I flew in pair with Anastasia,she shot the video that is not know to spread or without finishing or is it better to mount)


The key to start!

the’re taxiing in and start running!the pulse quickens,after takeoff the soul to ankle-length))

after take-off flew in the direction of braids on Mars and the Kazantip

go at low level over the heads of

me like to spit and are not able to take)

then reverse the turn to the Village with Peaceful

went for a climb

companions to the right peace

below the city of peace,a little further the mill

higher and higher on the horizon of Yevpatoria

climbed about 300 meters on my feeling,in front of Popovka,to the left peace,as the village has grown in comparison with the city)

salt lake,withered,our airfield

and of course pass on Kazantip

Kazantip above,in detail)

the White bar is the biggest turnout.

Mars,the tent of Prokhorov,he’s Marçal

Mars,Marçal,Faberge,haven,aka Shanti,aka Roof),plate,new rocket

salt lake,Hello Martians!

eloquent traces,and pojasek on the lake)

fit exactly 10 minutes,300 hryvnia all the fun,or the 1200r,it is necessary next year in the West.for 20 minutes with a camera to fly)

further dosepak and flew my sister

on takeoff!!

10 minutes of flight 300 hryvnia as I said,a lot of feelings,who did the first time to easy the technique to fly,all just wow!to me after flying the Yak-52 15 minutes with a performance of aerobatics,I would like a couple of barrels, one after another,but you cannot demand the impossible,the wind and the open air,a great feeling of flight!

I recommend to all,all the feelings of Kazantip brighter at times)


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