Kasha — a dish for the kid

Kasha - a dish for the kid

Baby cereal is an indispensable dish for the baby. Doctors recommend that in the baby cereal with 5 – 6 months. Today the parents there is a huge choice: to buy ready-made mix, which only need to be diluted in water or to cook it yourself.

How to choose the cereal?

Now, coming to the store in the eyes dazzled from a variety of boxes with cereals. Each buyer has its principle. based on which he makes a choice in favor of one or another cereal for his child. Someone important, others look at the brand of the manufacturer, while others are oriented based on the price of the goods. Let’s try to understand the diversity of children’s cereals that are on the market today.

Have porridge for children as domestic manufacturers and foreign. Cereals are divided into:

  • dairy-free and dairy;
  • rice, corn, buckwheat, mnogozonovaya;
  • with fruit and without fruit.

In the composition of milk porridge already included dried milk, it simply must be diluted with warm boiled water, as shown in the instructions. And dairy-free porridge divorced or breast milk or formula for feeding. Dairy-free cereals contain sugar and salt.

Start feeding better dairy-free buckwheat porridge, which is hypoallergenic. To observe the body’s reaction to this mess, if there are no negative manifestations in the form of various skin lesions, you can increase the number. You can then eat it. Again it is better to give porridge from a single componentand, for example corn, oat, without the different flavors. Especially we must be attentive to the food of the child allergic person, foods must be dairy-free and gluten-free.

When buying cereals please note whether it is age for Your kid. If the box says for 7 months, it is not necessary to give five-month-old child.

Advantages and disadvantages of soluble cereals


  1. Quick-cooking porridge.
  2. You can prepare any batch starting with a teaspoon – for the first feeding.
  3. They do not require processing with heat, they can already be used, therefore, preserves the vitamins contained in cereals.
  4. These cereals additionally enriched with vitamins, calcium and iron compounds.
  5. They are easily absorbed and digested.


  1. High price.
  2. Little shelf life after opening.

Best kas

  1. Buckwheat is the undisputed leader among the cereals that form the basis of baby food. Contains large amounts of vitamins and carbohydrates.
  2. Rice is a hypoallergenic grain.
  3. Corn also hypoallergenic. Contains lots of starch and iron.
  4. Oats. Very nutritious and hearty porridge oats contain lots of dietary fiber.

Wheat semolina is better to give after two years. I believe that semolina can cause rickets in children. Contains very few minerals and salts.

Dear mommy, when buying cereals, be sure to read the label, you should know what to feed their children!

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