«Kabbalah» is a creative bottle design for vodka


Recently, the company EZ Protocols announced the launch of a vodka brand «Kabbalah (in Christian babies)» – the newest quality benchmark in the super-premium segment of the Russian market. Noble wheat flavor. Water, enriched with ions of silver, gold and platinum. Laconic and stylish design, takes us back to the best traditions of the ritual feast. Each bottle is a unique baby handmade, made of impact resistant grades of glass.

«Kabbalah» is a creative bottle design for vodka


The recipe for this vodka has long been considered lost. In the years of perestroika it became clear that the technology of its production was smuggled out of Russia in 1922, Nikolai Berdyaev on the so-called «philosophy steamer». Further, through Oswald Spengler and the Theosophical society of Helena Blavatsky» the recipe of the vodka «Kabbalah (in Christian infants) fell into the hands of Nicholas Roerich and was eventually transferred for preservation in the mountainous Himalayan Ashram, where he stayed until recently.

The drink is aimed at strong, confident men from the higher strata of society, preferring the publicity of influence and know exactly what is the nature of power in Russia. It is characteristic that a promotional product company that started with an anonymous mailing of membership cards and clandestine pre-sales on Internet auctions, where only the first day it was sold about thirteen thousand five-liter boxes of vodka Kabbalah (Christian babies)» – an absolute record for brands in this category.

(651x699, 61Kb)

Marketing company EZ Protocols chose a slogan for the product «Permute This!» (No longer is!), that, by design, should give birth to the Association with the practice of the science of Kabbalah, and everyday political practices of consumers of the drink. its target audience is people who read the Zohar and other religious texts. A standard box of vodka «Kabbalah (in Christian babies)» holds up to ten bottles, their set is formed randomly from ten varieties of vodka, named for the number of the Kabbalistic Sefirot – the ten stages of emanation of the divine essence in the world: Keter, Hochma, Bina, Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzah, Year, Yesod and Malchut. The same random selection of bottle glass shade and sayings from the Torah, written on the back of the bottle.

(651x699, 62Kb)

Figures babies again extremely rare, no more than three times (most likely it symbolizes the three ways of Kabbalistic permutation the texts of the Torah – Gematria, Temur and notarikon). Given the volume of production of the product, the number of figures is potentially huge. This has already led to the emergence in Russia of several large private collections of sculptures and vodka. Even formed a kind of black market for the sale of glass babies. In the tabloids repeatedly appeared the phrase «glass kidnapping». Many of the figures entered into the art turnover under their own names, at times, very bizarre: «the Bloody standard-bearers», «Baby Kimono», «Nano-baby», etc.

In response to persistent rumors and a flurry of lawsuits by human rights organizations, company EZ Protocols have already hastened to declare that in the manufacture of beverage no child was hurt.


UPD: just in case I will inform that it is fake. Designer with a keen imagination beautifully painted bottles, put there babies and all cute. Although this idea was worth to sell, so expensive!

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