July 6 — world day of kisses

Today, July 6 — world day of kisses (World Kiss Day or International Kissing Day)!

For the first time the world day of kisses began to mark the end of the 19th century in the UK. In a hundred years, in the early 90-ies of the 20th century, the United Nations has officially recognized and approved this day!

Man learns what a kissfrom his childhood. Baby kiss the parents, wherever possible and where not. First kissing the child receives from peers at the age of 1.5-2 years (one might even say, as soon as he begins to walk). Activities for the children, up to a maximum of 10 years, is a copy lifestyle of adults, parents. The degree of imitation depends on the level of morality of others and their professional activities. This also affects the level of willingness of the state (war, space exploration, aviation and the like).

Kiss – interesting and useful facts

According to psychologists, a kiss calms the nervous system and prevents stress. Will the lovers kissing more often manifest themselves optimists, they are confident in their abilities, rather achieve professional and personal success. Kiss is a «bunch» of chemical reactions. While kissing partners exchange 7 mg of fat, 0.7 mg of protein and 0.45 mg of various salts. In addition, from mouth to mouth during a kiss goes about 200 streptococci, staphylococci and many bacteria, 95% of them are harmless.

Every time I accelerated heart rate (150). Moreover, the frequency of strokes with a particularly strong excitation can be doubled. Pressure rolls. Lips swell. They become soft and pink. That is why the brightly painted lips – an erotic symbol. In every kiss – lips to lips – we use up to 34 different muscles. It is clear that this wastes and calories. Three-minute kiss – and 12 calories as had happened. There is an opinion that a kiss «infectious» is dangerous. Oh no! Don’t be afraid of the infection, which is supposedly transmitted by kissing. Among the 13 tested from his partner, who caught only one. With every kiss «possession» you are millions of bacteria. But this does not mean mortal danger. In the saliva of each person contains enzymes and antibodies, able to resist any infection. In addition, saliva contains Androsterone – a substance stimulating sexual desire.

July 6 — world day of kisses

Kissing records

  • An American A. E. Wolfram from Minnesota for 8 hours kissed 8001 people 15 September 1990 during the festival, held in his state. Thus, Tungsten inexplicably managed to kiss a new person every 3.6 seconds.
  • First kiss on screen: 1896. His captured may Irwin and John C. rice in a 30-second clip of Thomas Edison called «the Kiss».
  • The most intense kisses film: «don Juan» (1926, the company «Warner brothers»). It counted 191 kiss.
  • The longest kiss in movie history: Regis Tume and Jane Wyman kissed for 185 seconds in the movie «You’re in the Army Now» («You are now in the army,» 1940), which occupies 4% of the entire duration of the film.

50 types of kisses

  1. A regular kiss on the lips, accompanied by mild pressure on them
  • A regular kiss on the lips, accompanied by a stronger pressure
  • «Love bite» When a kiss is enhanced by sensory stimulation, it turns into a love bite «Kama Sutra» recommends biting the same place on the body where the kissing except the upper lip, tongue and eye in Other words, the most appropriate places for a bite – it’s forehead, lower lip, cheeks, chest, arms and navel
  • «Deep kiss,» or «Marikina», which the French call» a kiss of the soul», and we» French kiss»
  • Kiss in the eye with a very weak pressure on them
  • Kiss on the neck is considered particularly pleasant for women
  • Long kiss of lovers Lips as if I can not break away from each Kiss is accompanied by the strong, then weaker pressure of the lips
  • A kiss to the corner of the mouth Kiss in one, in another area of the mouth
  • Throbbing kiss the Lips and nose pressed against the girl’s cheek easily vibrating and patiras on the cheek
  • Many small kisses in the internal side of the hand rising from the wrist to the armpit kind of kisses can awaken love
  • Kiss on the cheek is the Most common and natural But much more pleasure can be obtained from light, very quick kisses in different points of the face, including lips Speed is especially important
  • A great variety you can make, kissing partner on the lips, slightly inflating their own
  • The previous version could be slightly modified if pout will be the one who kiss
  • You can call extremely pleasant feeling, kissing the earlobe of a loved one, or close to it Men especially like it when they kiss
  • A variation of the previous method can serve as an easy sucking of the earlobes instead of kissing them
  • A rain of kisses, covering her neck and chest, descending lower and lower at different speeds, Some kisses can be shorter, others longer
  • The inner side of the thighs are particularly responsive to kisses
  • Many writers of romance sang kissing in the shoulder Men do not love like kisses, but love themselves to kiss the shoulders of women
  • A great preliminary stage before kissing on the lips, kissing the fingertips
  • Common modification of a kiss on the lips it is a slight sucking of the lips, instead of clicking on them and
  • can be limited to only one sucking the Upper lip or
  • Lower
  • You can continue to add variety to the already described ways, sucking it in turns then upper, then lower lip shouldn’t do that too much Tenderness and care there is a place in the passion
  • Patting a kiss, lips gently touching his forehead with one hand, gently hold them over his forehead and to kiss the other side
  • Exactly the same tool with a kiss kiss lips lips Touching the corner of his mouth, to hold them along the lips and gently kiss in another area
  • A light kiss in the tip of the nose can be a wonderful prelude to more intensive forms of kisses
  • A man can enter the tip of the tongue between the lips beloved, swiping from left to right, then from right to left So you can continue quite a long time And there are no reasons preventing the girl to do the same
  • You can touch the lips and cheek teeth, while not forgetting about accuracy, not to hurt each other
  • You can also «snack» lips partner’s mouths so that the teeth in the kiss was not involved
  • The gentle contact of the ends of their tongues
  • The previous kiss can vary alternately touching the ends of their tongues and their odergivala
  • Suction when you kiss delivers lovers a great pleasure These kisses are used actively, and take calmly and patiently kisses Sometimes one partner, sometimes another, but it is possible for a change to kiss and at the same time
  • A particularly sensitive to kisses in the area where the neck enters the shoulders of both the front and rear
  • As to kissing other body parts, most men and women back is extremely sensitive to caresses, especially the lower part at the base and along the spine of the Thigh is also very sensitive and form a weak erogenous zone
  • Kiss with mutual gentle stroking erogenous zones
  • Can I kiss right under his chin, with the head raised up kissing
  • July 6 — world day of kisses
  • The throat area is very sensitive to kissing, so kiss the lower part of the neck extremely pleasant
  • A variation of the usual kiss on the lips is a kiss just above the center of the upper lip, under the tip of the nose
  • If it interfere with the moustache remains a kiss right under the center of the lower lip
  • A quick «licking» kiss with the tongue in the ear
  • «Profile kiss» Series of kisses along the line of symmetry of the face starting from the middle of the forehead, then dropping along the nose to the center point of the mouth and ending in the middle of the chin to Finish you can kiss on the lips
  • Kissing in the upper part of the breast girl Kissing nipple
  • The back of the head and the back of the neck are most people have erogenous zone, so light stroking this area with your lips up and down causing a very pleasant sensation
  • «Spinal kiss» It is a series of small kisses along the spine, starting near the neck and ending at the lowest point of the spine
  • A reverse variant of the previous one represents a rain of kisses, but from the front
  • «Patting a kiss» along the eyebrows
  • It is possible to suck the eyebrows instead of kiss them
  • Intimate kissing in the area where the hips go the body, very excite and arouse the desire of Men prefer to be active participants, and women make the kisses
  • It is also possible to kisses down from your navel to the point where the thigh goes into the body of the Lips should be relaxed, to hold the skin
  • Young kiss, when you kiss your fingertip and then momentarily pressed to the lips of the beloved Is also the kiss that clumsy word after it is sometimes unnecessary

July 6 — world day of kisses

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