July 12 — the Day of the Photographer

Let your creativity prevails over making money, and the work brings pleasure to you and your customers, and simple spectators, who admire your photos at exhibitions, in magazines, on the Internet or just in the album! I wish you all to always catch the focus of plenty of bright moments and not to pass by beautiful things deserve to be etched in history!

July 12 – the Day of the Photographer

July 12 - the Day of the Photographer

Photographers ‘ day is traditionally celebrated on 12 July — a day of St. Veronica, who is the patroness of photography.

Holy Veronica, a memory which is associated with the miraculous image of the suffering Savior, has become one of the most popular folk saints, despite the fact that some churches and critical researchers have argued against the historical reliability of Veronica and her legend.

Let’s try to reconstruct the events. Betrayed and condemned to a Martyr’s death Jesus Christ went to mount Calvary, bearing His cross to the crucifixion. The procession was surrounded by a crowd that followed the Saviour on the cross suffering. Veronica merged with the human sea and followed Christ.

Samojedny, Jesus fell under the weight of the cross, and Veronica, taking compassion on Him, ran to Him, they made Him drink water and gave Him his cards, wiping the sweat from his face. After returning home, she discovered that the cloth was imprinted the Holy face of the Savior. This boards of St. Veronica, over time, came to Rome and he became well-known under the name of the miraculous image…

In the middle Ages almost every Church had a picture of Veronica with her Sudarium (sweat plateau). In the mysteries of the middle Ages Veronica also took a strong place, and still is a major figure of the sixth stop of the way of the Cross.

Assume that the name Veronica is a distorted from the Latin vera icon («true image») — the so-called «plat Veronica,» distinguishing it from other images of Christ. For the first time the story of St. Veronica appears in the apocryphal Acts of Pilate, is related to the 4th or 5th century.

The image and the acts of St. Veronica was the fact that it is revered as the patron Saint of photographers and photography. So this day Amateurs and professionals of photography is celebrated as the day of the photographer.

The first photograph was taken in 1826 by Frenchman Joseph Nicephore Niepce, called «window View». The shooting lasted 8 hours. It is known that the first pictures were black and white. The first color photographs appeared in the mid-nineteenth century, and for its creation we used three cameras for each installed optical filter (red, green and blue), and then linked the image.

World day of photography (World Photography Day) is annually celebrated in many countries on 19 August. On this day in 1839 the French government bought the patent, French chemist and inventor Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre (Daguerre) of the method for the fingerprint (daguerreotype), made the discovery of the daguerreotype public to the international community — in other words, a wide range of readers learned about the invention of pictures of the prototype, reports Calendar.

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