Jewish wedding and its features

Jewish wedding and its features

The Jewish wedding is called a Chuppah and it is significantly different from the traditional wedding, which we are accustomed to see her. Jewish people are very serious about marriage. Still people adhere to traditions that have existed for many millennia. The Torah says, «God Said: it is not necessary that man should be alone…. A man will leave his home and be with his wife, and they will become one». The creation of a new unit of society is understood in Judaism as the fulfillment of the commandments of the Lord.

Modern Jewish wedding is a little different from those held a century ago. To celebrate your wedding can be any day of the week, except Shabbat ( Friday – Saturday). Before the feast, the bride must undergo the rite of purification – bathing in the waters of the mikvah. Customs Jewish wedding testify that the beloved should not see each other a week, but now the term was reduced to one day. But the tradition of fasting is unchanged so far. Before the ceremony the couple signs the marriage contract – Ketubah, which defines the rights of wife and duties of husband.

Like many other peoples, the traditional bride is considered a white wedding dress. Color describes the purity and innocence of the girl. When a couple marries, then she is forgiven of all sins. Dress length must cover the knees, nor should be seen to the elbows. The groom wears a suit with a tie, the head should be bale. In this case, as in other cultures, ordered wedding photographer Moscow or any other city. Wedding photos at the Jewish family are very kind and often shows guests that appear in the house.

As the bride and groom do not see each other until the ceremony, and the guests they meet separately. After going all the invited guests, the groom goes to the bride for making Betekenis. It’s a rite of covering the head of the bride with a veil. Next to the newlyweds is always shoshvinim – retinue, as on the day of the wedding the groom is considered the king, and the bride – Queen. The wedding of the Jews is held under the Chuppah is a cloth stretched over four poles. The Rabbi gives his blessing over a glass of wine, then drink the bride and groom. Then the young man puts the girl’s ring, by the way, in Judaism, it is only the wife. After a time the newlyweds poured a second glass of wine and recite seven blessings. To do this, invite seven distinguished elders, although sometimes it can be done and the Rabbi. The groom must break a glass with his foot, at this point, guests joyously shout «Mazzel Tov» ( «Happiness»).

In small settlements at the wedding there is the rooster which is the symbol of love and fertility. Rooster or chicken was produced with the words: «Be of the same prolific».

Jewish families are very strong, as it is built on mutual respect and love. The pair is trying to bring the case to a divorce, because marriages are made in heaven.

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