Jackie Chan shot new film «dragon Sword»

Jackie Chan shot new film

Jackie Chan shot new film «dragon Sword». This is a new historical Thriller filmed by a Chinese film Studio with Hollywood scale, budget and movie stars.

In the new film «dragon Sword» with consummate Jackie Chan has two disadvantages. The first, which while browsing, almost forgotten is the name. Swords in the movie more than enough, but one around which something is built there. Well, dragons do not smell. Perhaps the translation is not very accurate, but the picture is the dragon sword to identify and fails. And another minus – it’s pathos. They penetrated not only almost all the monologues and dialogues of the main characters, and they say they basically just three, but he main message. And it is quite simple, but very relevant to recent thoughts: enough to fight, it is better to unite and live peacefully and freely. To build cities, to share knowledge and a Cup of hard liquor, singing Patriotic songs and cheering the performers, no matter what nationality they are. Someone will compare this Chinese film about martial iskusstva with the latest series of adventures of the dwarves and hobbits, but also seen Parallels with the construction of the legendary tower of Babel. Only in this case the Lord did not intervene, because the builders are right and positive.

But the scoundrel who helped himself to all and all found. The Roman Emperor, judging by the name, then… God knows who else they have been convicted of such power. What the hell is he doing in China is still not clear, but the Empire he was here not the first and one of the main goals was to catch and destroy their countrymen. In short, if you wander into the jungle to the end, it can be confusing, so well it on figs. But this aspect could be attached to the draft Hollywood stars. John Cusack and Adrian Brody surely graced with his appearance this movie. Yes, sometimes a little overacted, under the influence of the Chinese producer, but in General coped magnificently. Even in fights by Jackie looked confident and dignified.

Well, the General impression is that the main thing you should pay attention in the first place. Hand on heart, admit that there are films better, smarter, more interesting. Very negative role here was played by the same pathos, which is not only crammed with action scenes, which are, admittedly, quite a lot and all of them, if not a masterpiece, it is of sufficient quality. But as soon as the screen starts to the pompous platitudes, and then she is still repeated in slightly different words, it becomes so boring that you want if not shut down, then rewinding. The conclusion is that Jackie Chan has always been his own humor. Where they put them in this product is unknown, but it could be very useful. And so, to watch, of course, possible, but too many unnecessary moral molasses then brains will have to pick out.

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