Italian ceramic tiles in the interior

Italian ceramic tile

Italian ceramic tiles in the interior is a sign of prosperity and good taste. Italy has long been the trendsetter of design and manufacturing building tiles. This was facilitated by a stay in the country one of the largest natural deposits of red clay, which became the base ingredient for the production of tiles. Preserved some of the original copies of the tiles from this clay, belonging to the IX century.

A history of Italian tiles

Italian tiles first became vypuskaetsya in large volumes. By the middle of the XIV century majolica (tiles appeared one of the first) – has gained immense popularity throughout Europe. It was in Italy that invented and began to use a special color glaze to the surface of ceramic products. To our time the latest technology the world of ceramic production are located in Italy. For example, almost 90% of the total global volume of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are made on Italian equipment.

In Italy, preserved and handed down the secrets of working with clay from generation to generation. Many ceramics factories continue to remain the property of relatives of the founders direction. The continuity and the emphasis on small domestic production allows us to maintain the uniqueness.

Stored technology, traditions, improves the quality of the design. Cultural values, aesthetic perception of beauty has transformed Italian tile in real masterpieces of art. Italy is rich not only red clay but also the natural stone which are made from a stoneware product. It Italian porcelain tile collections happen the best buildings and interiors, which carries a solidity and a delicate touch of antiquity.

The advantages of porcelain tiles from Italy

Italian granite is characterized by high quality, excellent processing technology. Collected experience of many generations of talented artists can produce, which is characterized by natural colors, which can easily mimic the surface of natural stone. Some tile designs from Italy unique. Many companies produce collections of manually creating these aesthetes and people with a sophisticated taste perfect samples of modern art. Italian ceramics have always been a special quality and originality. With this tiles you can easily get in the interior a rich luxurious look. And a real rarity make the quality, durability, reliability and longevity of use.

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