IP outdoor camera for home

IP outdoor camera for home

IP outdoor panel BAS-IP allows you to get more informative videos and to dispose of them wider than ever.

Because the IP call panel is most often placed on the street, it is important that the case was durable and vandal resistant. In this case, it is important that the device continued to operate under all weather conditions and resistant to various physical damage.

What is the IP panel?

Know-how of the intercom is a separate button to call the Concierge. Not all IP call panel can boast as BAS-IP presence in the line of companion devices monitor the Concierge, and if you put the whole system with him is a direct connection. The button has a small icon that symbolizes the probation service.

Next on the list of advantages is called convenient selection of devices according to the number of buttons on the panel: individual with one button, chetyrehkomnatnuyu and vosmisloynuyu panel and an apartment panel for 10 buttons with different combinations of kit. This wide choice allows you to put a call panel in a detached house, in the house or in an apartment complex or office space and not to spend the extra money and occupy more space than required by the relevant device.

The IP panel as part of home security systems

The number of connected equipment in the system can be virtually unlimited. In this regard, the distance at which the devices operate, can be almost arbitrary. For equipment that may be part of a system, or be retrofitted, can also include the reader, which refers to ACS. And with the help of a special program that can keep statistics of visits, the individual inputs and outputs in workflow due to its descriptiveness.

So, choosing panel, you can shoot and send videos directly to your mobile phone and thus save time, if someone came to visit and need to open the door for him. Now you can stay in my house like in the fortress, because one will not get there without the owner’s permission. And connecting to the call panel and even the monitor, it is easy to create a home security system with alarm and IP cameras. The owner will be able to receive messages and view all cameras, including cameras on the outside panel of the smartphone.

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