Investing in real estate – how it is beneficial

Investing in real estate – how it is beneficial

Investing in property has always been considered a wonderful investment of your own money and especially if we are talking about investing money in the Moscow real estate. It should be noted that the purchase of apartments in new buildings constructed separately is a great way to increase equity. Many realtors say that the sale of housing in the new building – a great option for those looking for the best way offer to invest their own capital.

In this case the apartment will be sold before entering the house in operation and accepted by the state Commission and therefore are often several orders of magnitude lower, than after all the procedures. While the purchase of housing is carried out at all stages of construction – from laying the Foundation and ending with the last stages of construction.

However, as practice shows, many people buy real estate loan and even taking into account interest rates on mortgage lending revenues in the resale can be up to 16-18 percent. If the purchase is carried out, for example, on the trench stage bookmarks at home – revenues from resale can vary in the range of 35-40 percent of the initial cost of housing. All this shows the fact that revenues from this kind of investment more profitable than, for example, with a Deposit.

In particular, if you decide to invest in real estate, be aware that the special demand is for one-or two-bedroom apartments, and it is important that the location of the home, because the apartment in the center costs more and it is easier to sell than the same on the city’s periphery, away from road junctions. However, it is not necessary to abandon the purchase of apartments in new buildings in the West of Moscow as those presented here fsk-lider/articles/2/. New areas usually have a better infrastructure and are built to modern standards. They are much more comfortable than the old apartments in the center.

Along with investing in building houses in their own city should consider such operations abroad – London or Bulgaria, Italy or other European cities. If you view the statistics of investing in housing abroad, and many governments are quite attractive for these investments. Important in this respect to take into account the laws of the countries in which you want to buy housing.

When investing in a new building is to closely monitor the very reputation of the developer will agree to sell low-quality housing in this case, you are unlikely profitable, without compromising your pocket. Also if you choose a particular country for purchase of housing – houses, apartments, consider the forecasts of financial analysts. If we talk about resort country – the important point, as the tourist flow will increase, and in other cases fixed, stable GDP growth in the chosen country.

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