Interior duplex apartment in Miami

Interior duplex apartment in Miami

The interior is split-level apartment in Miami designed by the specialists of the design Studio «Mila Design». Plenty of space, light and air make this home very cozy and fresh, which is very important in such warm latitudes. I invite you to walk and see more details of the luxurious interior of a duplex apartment.

Design two-level apartment in Miami looks luxurious, but it is not burdened with many details and accessories as they like to do today, designers of post-Soviet countries. Here you will find the gold plated faucets, fixtures and baguettes, here and there carved furniture from valuable breeds of wood. True elegance and style are created by professionals differently, using color, light, texture and composition rules

The layout of the duplex apartments starts with a spacious living area that combines its space lounge, kitchen and dining room. Despite the lack of walls, all functional areas are obviously very individualized. High ceilings, huge Windows and white walls make the room cool and fresh. In this room will be comfortable even on a hot summer day. Intriguing textured the ceiling of this room complements the grey carpet, trimming the white space of the living room. This is a fairly important point, because the completely white room can cause a feeling of disorientation, which negatively affects health.

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