Interior doors: types and differences

Interior door types and differences

During repair there comes a time when the owners raises a number of issues: changing the interior doors, or leave the old one? But if to change, what material are the doors? That is the second question we try to answer in this article.

Nowadays there are many materials from which different factories produce their doors, and deal in this set is quite difficult, but, in General, the range of materials used for the manufacture of doors, looks like this:

  • The solid wood. Despite the high cost, natural wood — not the best and durable material, especially lately when every other manufacturer is trying to cheat and save, making a disgusting dried, resinous and infested pine for solid oak. Fortunately modern technology allows us to do is not yet. The only plus of this material — natural, disappears under paint and turns into an excuse to raise prices.
  • MDF is durable, reliable, and allows you to apply any coating. There are special spill-proof option for areas with high humidity. The average price, but in some cases may even exceed the tree. These doors can be found on the website of portes/i/cPath/1_218.
  • Paper. So, paper. Special, individuals durable. Used mainly as a filler miditower space, although in some cases it may even serve as a frame. Cheap, cheerful, fragile and short-lived.


  • Plastic. Plastic is different from the PVC goes to the manufacture of cheap doors-accordions, to the fiberglass which is the basis for the expensive veneer and laminate. And in that and in other case the price is unfairly high. PVC is not sturdy and not worth the money that he asked for, and fiberglass has an excessive strength for interior doors and still not worth much. Plastic has an advantage — it is very durable.
  • Glass — option exotic enough for use at home, not in the office. The price of glass doors is very high, and durability and safety are fairly low. Really do not recommend these doors if you have or are you going to have children.
  • Metal. No, this is not the usual all steel, like on the front door, not even tin tin, as cheap Chinese front door. Real metal interior doors are made entirely from lightweight and durable aluminum. Of course, it is difficult to imagine them at home, but if it’s tech, then why not? The price is quite high, but these doors will serve for eternity.

Here briefly and all that can be said about the materials used in the production of interior doors, you just have to choose.

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