Interior doors accordion in the interior of your home

Interior doors accordion in the interior of your home

Interior doors accordion in the interior of your home will not only originalnym element, but also comgot save storage space. In this article you will learn about what the accordion door and praktichnost its use.

In addition to the usual one or two-leaf doors are popular doors from PVC, which can save space. Such options include sliding doors, interior folding and sliding door system. Doors fold like an accordion can be made from MDF, but the more popular option is the plastic variant. It is more practical and durable. Interior folding doors accordion made of PVC – panels that resemble the mechanism of the blinds. Combined, these doors take up very little space. Them easily you can install your own hands, without resorting to the services of specialists. And environmentally friendly PVC plastic allows you to install them in any room, with no harm to human health. Of course, it is not so harmful as the interior doors from the company msDoors, which are made from composite materials, created on the basis of natural solid wood, but not so harmful, as the door of fiberboard. Using such cheap doors accordion can achieve such goals:

  • saving additional space.
  • the delimiter is shared space area.
  • exclusive design solution. This option door is not the most common, so in order to get a quality product you must contact firms that spetsializiruyutsya by selling these doors. In such case, you can get door-accordion meets all basic requirements, at a price not much higher than production.

The main technical characteristics of PVC doors folding are:

  • when the temperature of the PVC plastic does not emit toxic substances that can harm humans.
  • resistant to mechanical damage, thanks to the protective layer.
  • do not require special care, just use water and detergents.
  • safe to use and very durable.


In addition to all the technical features of such interior doors folding accordion can be in the interior an additional decorative element. So very often designers use this model to focus on originality. The undeniable advantage of these doors is a large range of colors. They can be pure white, and can mimic any type of wood. Through the doors of this design is very easy to divide a room for the required number of functional areas. The height of these doors can reach the ceiling. Summing up, we can say the door-accordion is a modern version of the doors that complement the interior, giving it some originality. And high technical quality to ensure a long life.

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