Interior design small kitchen for vegetarian

Interior design small kitchen for vegetarian 15

Interior design small kitchen for a vegetarian, this is a new and interesting direction for the designers. Today, more and more people give preference to vegetarianism, and of course kitchen space will undergo significant changes.

Let’s start with the fact that vegetarianism greatly reduces the cooking with the help of heat treatment, therefore, when choosing rings, it is better to give preference independent (i.e. no oven) cooking surface consisting of two plates. It saves space, and ideas for the interior can be custom. Above the work surface, a great solution would be some shelves on which dishes, cereals, spices and oils in colored bottles. Refrigerator is better to choose small and embed it in the bottom drawer, rest of free space will come in handy for small household appliances. If there is no battery, and provides a warm floor, the Windows, the perfect solution is a built-in cupboard with soft seats. Dining area you can make custom Ugolki – shop to the kitchen, and there choose to match oval table. The wall will be a pleasant cheerful place for Breakfast or evening tea.

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