Interior: color and style

Interior: color and style

The color palette and stylistic direction – making characteristics that are inseparable. Each style dictates the conditions in the choice of colors, if you break them, there will be dissonance. Of course, this rule does not apply to eclecticism, art Deco, ethnic and some other areas which allow you to use virtually any shade. But the most popular styles bright visible color preferences, we take a look at.


French country is currently riding the wave of success. Light flooring, an abundance of floral prints, light textile, decoration of ceramics, Ruche and lace – recognizable features of this style. Typical colors for this area are all shades of pastel colors: beige, light purple, camel, baby blue, etc. Special demand for the trendy mint color in the interior of Provence, which gives a feeling of coolness and freshness.


Modern styles are gaining popularity, but classic never give up their positions. Based on the legacy of the ancient times, it still looks relevant and interesting. This area does not accept the presence in the design of metal and plastic elements and does not allow too bright colors and contrasting combinations.

The main color of the classic style is white, which goes well with light shades. The best companion for white color in a classic interior will be beige, yellow, blue and green tone, but only in the dim option. Premises in this style should look soft, but at the same time.

Empire style in the interior


This direction appeared in the early nineteenth century, many called the peak point of classical style. In the Empire, as in the classics, is clearly visible the influence of ancient culture. This style is characteristic of luxury and monumentality, so it is often used for the decoration of living rooms and offices.

He proposes to use a noble colour in rich shades and bold enough combinations. The best is a combination Duo red, Burgundy, blue, or green tones with white or black color. Accents are placed using gold, bronze and copper shades. Color of flooring in the interior of the Empire style usually varies from brown to amber colors.

Color in the kitchen interior


This progressive style is just beginning to gain popularity, but has a very high potential. Its distinguishing feature – the transformation of industrial premises into a modern dwelling. Another features a bold combination of various architectural techniques, for example, a combination of masonry and an open ventilation system with stylish furniture from leading designers.

In this direction, uses the natural colors of the cold spectrum: white, brown, grey and black. To make the design more interesting and lively help of blotches of bright and saturated colors, among which special attention should be paid on today’s fashionable orange, red, blue and green colors.

The decoration of the apartment in the style of


This modern trend is characterized by simplicity, functionality and use of achievements of modern technologies in interior design. His guiding principle – conciseness, therefore, the use of a large number of colors here is simply inappropriate. A major role in the building of high-tech style is given a grey, metallic, white and black shades.

Less harsh style make this insert is bright, but in any case not acid colors. Pure red, blue and green will be the best solution in this case. Choose a basic color is based on functional purpose of the premises, for example, the bedroom should stay on white, living silver or black color.

The decoration of the apartment in the style of


This stylistic direction is of great conciseness and rigor than the previous version. The traditional solution for the minimalist – a combination of black and white colors without any foreign accents. However, this design is a little like me, because of its coldness and not nostalgia, so the black color is often replaced with grey or brown tint. Allowed minimal inclusions of other colors, e.g. purple, dark red or green.


The very name of this style says about its main distinctive features. The design of the future characterized by brevity and originality of design. The interior can be designed in the style of a spaceship or a submarine, the main thing – create an unusual situation with the use of modern materials and mechanisms. Hiding in the wall sofas, pull-out table TV, transparent walls – all these will match well with a futuristic housing.

As a rule, floor and ceiling in the room of style of futurism are doing white, grey or beige. They serve as an inconspicuous background for bright elements of the interior in acid shades. Special chic is furniture in neon yellow, orange and ultramarine color.

Know the basic colors of the selected style is very important, but do not forget that any direction makes even bold experiments!

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