Interesting photos of the streets of Madrid

Interesting photos of the streets of Madrid

Interesting photos of the streets of Madrid will allow you to feel the mood of this ancient Spanish capital. Madrid has such a bright iconic characters like Paris, new York or Moscow. However, it does not make it less interesting for tourists. Amazing architecture, a great number of monuments, palaces, squares and museums can deliver a lot of aesthetic pleasure to every guest of this city.

Interesting photos of the streets of Madrid


The name of the city of Madrid in Arabic translates as «source water». However, taking photos of the streets of Madrid, you will find river channels, because it is the only European capital located on the Bank of a river. It is believed that this city was founded in 927 as a Moorish fortification, but archeological excavations show that people lived in this area since 100 thousand years ago. The first Spanish capital was a fortress Majerit, which has gradually grown into a town with an area of 607 sq. km. Today, it is the most populous city in Spain, where about 3 million people.

Strolling through the streets of Madrid, you must visit the Royal Palace (Palacio Real), which is considered the largest Royal Palace in Western Europe and the greatest attraction of Madrid. Almost all tour operators include this Palace is obligatory city tour of Madrid. It is located on the street vailén to the nearest metro station is Opera. Today it is open to public access and anyone can admire its majestic architecture.

Considering the photos of the streets of Madrid, you will notice the almost complete lack of advertising. It certainly makes a huge plus of the city administration. You may want to consider is the architecture, not something they sell in the shops of the city. In this city harmoniously mixes a variety of architectural styles. Most of the architectural sights are located in districts Centre, Salamanca, chamberí, Retiro and Arganzuela. Madrid is first and Puerta del Sol. It was here, opposite the Central post office is the kilometer zero, which is the starting point of all roads in Spain. In this square 10 streets start. The alcalá street lead from the Puerta del Sol in the North-East. This street crosses the Cibeles Square, where are these symbolic places, such as the Cibeles fountain, the building of the Bank of Spain and the Communications Palace, the seat of Government of Madrid. A little further outside the reaches of the Independence square, where the Puerta de alcalá and an entrance to the Retiro Park, in front of which is located the Crystal Palace and became. Close to M-30 alcalá street intersects with Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, built in 1929 in neomudejar style. The Major street leading to the Main Square (Plaza Mayor), which is a striking symbol of the so-called «Austrian Madrid». It was built by the architect Juan Gomez de Mora (1619) and Juan de Villanueva (1790). Particular architectural value is the building to the Atocha train station, which is one of the symbols of Spanish modernism. In the middle of the station is a huge greenhouse.

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