Interesting facts about upholstery foam

Interesting facts about upholstery foam

Upholstery foam, nowadays, is widely used for making various types of furniture. Thanks to its properties, which we describe next, this material gained its niche in the market of elastic materials.

When invented the foam?

Thanks to the rapid development of science and industry has introduced many new materials and products that are firmly and permanently into our daily life. This innovative material was the foam. As often happens in the scientific world, the invention of the foam was an accident. In the development of solid polyurethanes was an unwanted side process, the foaming of the molten mass. Subsequently this became the basis of the technology of production of a huge variety of flexible polyurethane foam (PUF) with the trade name Styrofoam. And its first examples appeared in 1941 in Germany.

The foam is soft polyurethane foam with a chicken wire structure. 90% of it consists of air and has many useful properties, so is widely used in many industries and in everyday life.

What qualities do upholstery foam so valuable?

  • Elasticity
  • Insulation properties
  • High wear resistance
  • Tightness
  • Moisture
  • Resistance to decay and microorganisms
  • The ability of the foam products of various shapes and sizes
  • Environmental safety.

Upholstery foam

Of particular interest is the foam for furniture. Why? Yes, because each apartment occupied its pride of place our favorite sofas and chairs. And the inside is soft and elastic foam, gives us a welcome sense of comfort and relaxation. Buy upholstery foam on the site porolon-optom

The physical characteristics of foam density, hardness, permanent deformation, strength and other. Density, a key indicator depend on all others. The bigger it is, the higher the quality of the material. Residual deformation is responsible for the appearance of unsightly dents on the surface of upholstered furniture in the course of its use. Important consumer indicator is the so-called convenience factor. It reflects the pleasantness of tactile sensations and softness with a slight compression. Responsible manufacturers are paying special attention to it, and it makes their product more attractive and popular in the consumer market.

For filling of furniture and mattresses uses such varieties of foam:

  • standard (ST),
  • soft (HS)
  • hard (EL, HL),
  • highly elastic.

They have different purposes. For example, a seat must have a density 25-30kg/cubic meter, the back — 23-25, armrests – 20-22.

The optimal ratio of the degree of comfort and strength in the production of expensive furniture foam filler is placed on the principle of multilayer sandwich – the top layer is the most flexible, and at the bottom the hardest.

Unfortunately, domestic manufacturers of furniture do not reach the quality of their European colleagues due to the fact that the foam gets into them in a compressed form in a roll package, which significantly reduces the stiffness.

Modern consumers are more demanding about the quality of purchased goods, so the more expensive elastomeric grades of polyurethane foam are increasingly being used by manufacturers of furniture, especially in European countries.

about ka do upholstery foam, you will learn from the following video:

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