Installation of underlay: basic rules

Installation of underlay: basic rules

Carpet underlay is a bitumen-polymer material used in the installation of the shingles. In the online store 1platforma a wide range of products: here you can choose the material of the required thickness and with a set of required properties. But before buying a carpet underlay, it is important to understand the basic properties of the material, its purpose and the rules of installation.

Functions and properties

Underlay is always used when installing shingles. As you know, the bitumen is a soft material, and therefore extra protection is a must a roof. And this is the function of the carpet. Besides protection against mechanical damage, the material ensures that the roof is resistant to moisture. This feature is optional, as the main moisture resistance outer covering. However, there are weather conditions that can lead to small stains. For example, during thawing of the ice on the roof, or if there was a massive snowfall. In such situations, only one shingles unlikely to be able to keep the roof dry.

In addition, carpet underlay prevents the accumulation of condensate, and also functions as a buffer between the shingles and sheathing. This greatly prolongs the life of the roof, as in the case of the formation of microcracks and damage the top layer of shingles, precipitation does not cause severe destruction of the roof.

Rules of installation underlay

  1. Begin packing material from the lower sections moving up. Mounted carpet overlap, covering the previous sheet of 10-15 cm
  2. Fixed material or roofing nails, made of zinc (hat should be large, not less than 8 mm), or a special construction stapler. The distance between the fasteners should be from 30 to 50 cm.
  3. Depending on the material chosen is determined by whether you want to buy bitumen adhesive. The fact that the underlying carpet should not only be fixed with nails, but treated with a glue on butt parts. However, today the market is filled with materials, and the bottom layer which is adhesive based. If you have purchased this kind of underlay, then purchase a bitumen glue is not necessary.
  4. If the roof is treated by the ends, then you start laying the carpet needs directly from these joint angles.

The article prepared on the basis of materials taken from the site 1platforma/.

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