Installation of suspended ceiling construction of gypsum Board

Installation of suspended ceiling construction of gypsum Board

To carry out installation of suspended ceiling construction of gypsum Board often turn to the professionals. But recently, some are trying to do it on their own, and many succeed. Especially because in the Internet many articles, videos, a detailed and step by step everything is explained and shown. So if you want to put in a little effort, you can do everything yourself. But choose a too complex project design ceiling pendant is not worth it. It is unlikely a person who never did such work. And here’s a simple flat ceiling with multiple lights around the perimeter is quite possible to build and mount.

A list of required materials

Must be purchased at the hardware store need a number of special aluminum profile and the drywall. You also need to buy mounting putty to fill the seams, paint for finishing. Most likely the house has a level and a drill. If not, should also buy or borrow from someone, because the drill, for example, is not cheap, and if it is not needed then, it is impractical to buy it.

The markings

For supporting profile markings on the wall. From the wall you need to let go down by 10-15 cm around the perimeter, i.e., over all 4 walls need to apply exactly the markup. Its beginning and end must operate. To immediately succeed, it is better to use a level. The markup needed on the ceiling. It is needed in order to bring these lines outboard profile. From the edge of the walls measure, on average, 70 cm, and through each period draw a new layout. And on these lines at a distance of 40 cm from each other need to draw the crosses to set in these places, ceiling mount, which will further hold the carrier profile.

Set profiles

The markings on the wall set the support profile. On the ceiling in place of those crosses are installed mounts. Elements suspended in a supporting curl it up and down to thereby marking on the ceiling. With attachments there is an additional fixation elements supporting profile.

Drywall installation

Once the frame is ready, you need to perform all electrical work, cut in drywall hole profile for lighting the desired diameter and begin the installation of the sheets. They are mounted on the suspension elements of the design. Cap fasteners and the joints are masked with putty. Then the ceiling paint or hang a special ceiling Wallpaper.

Conduct your own electrical work, without having the relevant skills and knowledge is not recommended because of the high risk to life. In such cases it is recommended to visit the site kontsept-master/electric/ where you will find professionals for installation and dismantling of any electrical networks and devices.

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