Installation of stretch ceilings and its features

Installation of stretch ceilings has a lot of nuances you need to know about in advance. Among various materials for finishing the ceiling surface, good characteristics have ceilings made of PVC film, which are considered universal. This material is frequently used decoration of residential and public buildings, with a number of advantages during operation.

Specifications PVC ceiling

The advantages of ceiling from PVC film:

  • anti-static performance;
  • protection from moisture;
  • high sound and heat insulation;
  • the material is absolutely safe for health of people and animals;
  • with proper installation, long life;
  • easy to care for.

Recommendations for installation of ceiling PVC

Before starting the installation of stretch ceilings sola66/, you need to properly prepare the work surface, namely to align and putty the surface of the ceiling. Ceiling coverings made of PVC, is offered in widths from 1.6 to 2 meters, while the thickness of the material in the range of 0.1-0.3 mm. In rooms with a small area of the canvas is fixed on the perimeter holistically and more space – of multiple individual canvases that are securely fastened in the overall composition of the welding technique. On the finished ceiling surface can be traces of the seams to hide them experts recommend the use of special patterns for decoration.

For correct installation of high quality paving, you must spend a few days. The first case is fixed to the selected frame. To avoid surprises, it is better to entrust the implementation of the work of skilled craftsmen.

Installation of PVC panels on the ceiling is carried out in succession:

  • First, the master will take the necessary measurements and distributes seats under engineering lines – lighting, pipes, wires and so on. Based on this information, the technician chooses the best options of finishing material.
  • Set the chosen profile for stretch ceiling. The gap between rough ceiling and frame ground should be five cm or more.
  • The installation of lighting, with a full check of work of devices;
  • Direct mounting of the stretched canvas on the profile one of the necessary methods.

Most often the installation of stretch ceiling harpoon runs or harpoon method. If in the first variant over the entire area used by piping special hooks in the second case – are structurally complex designs with a combination of multiple levels of the ceiling, creating archways and domes.

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