Installation of roofing: 5 key tips

Installation of metal 5 basic tips

Aesthetic appearance, material strength, durability and relative ease of installation are the main advantages of metal. Therefore, it is widely use in the roof as a private low-rise houses and high-rise office buildings.

If you are not once took part in construction works of varying complexity, to independently perform the installation of metal in your house will not be easy. Below are some tips that will help you perform these operations correctly, quickly and inexpensively. Metal roofing we recommend you to purchase here.

Tip # 1. A drawing of the entire design and material selection

Before the execution of all works, create a drawing of the roof, and a virtual «place» letters on the entire surface, given the type of profile and dimensions. It is worth considering that there are leaves (modules) of different sizes. It is therefore necessary to pre-determine the dimensions and create drawings based on these data.

The screws for fastening the modules to the revetment is necessary to choose the same color, be sure to use rubber seals to prevent the ingress of moisture. The optimal size of the screws – 28h2,8 mm.

Tip # 2. Quality crate

Rafters must be installed at a distance of not more than 90 cm from each other. Don’t forget that the minimum roof pitch is 11 degrees. Board sheathing is better to take already ready (100h25). The first cornice Board in place horizontally, as it will serve as a benchmark for all other elements. The crate should be performed in increments of 35 cm.

Tip # 3. The basic rules of stacking metal

The modules must be joined on the waves. This will help protect the roof from the wind.

The top Board sheathing is the ridge base. You must select a little thicker to provide a ventilation gap.

The sheet is fastened with screws through the wave. As a result, total consumption is obtained 8-9 PCs. per 1 sqm

End plates must be attached overlap (2-3 cm).- The skate is secured after the construction of the whole roof ventilation system.

Tip # 4. Security compliance

At installation it is necessary to observe all safety rules that apply to high-rise work. Be sure to use gloves and don’t take the leaves with his bare hands. Shoes need to choose soft and comfortable, soles should not slip.

For cutting sheets do not use the grinder, otherwise it will damage the upper polymer layer. For this purpose, suitable metal shears. All such work should be done on the ground.

Tip # 5. Quality work – long durability

Each stage of work should be approached with the utmost responsibility. Adhering to all requirements and basic rules, you will enjoy a beautiful and functional roof that will reliably last a very long time.

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