Installation of fiber optic

Installation wolze for the home team

A growing number of companies prefer the installation of fiber-optic lines instead of copper wiring. Installation of fiber optic as the best from a technological and from an economic point of view.

Fiber has a number of advantages over conventional conductors:

  • data transfer rate is much higher. The bandwidth of optical fiber significantly superior to copper wire;
  • the dielectric material is not subjected to electromagnetic interference. Lines can be routed near sources of electromagnetic radiation without risk of distortion of the transmitted information;
  • data transfer is a lot safer. Due to the fact that fiber practically does not radiate electromagnetic waves, receive information without interference is impossible. Even short-term violation of the integrity of the highway is fixed devices in the data center. Signal transmission is locked and the security system alerts the operator about attempt of interference;
  • longer service life. The optical fiber is not exposed to moisture, rust and rot. Most manufacturers guarantee 25 years of flawless operation of the system;
  • the possibility of transmitting information over long distances. Due to the small attenuation of the signal information can be transmitted to a distance of 100 km without regeneration.

In addition, lines of optical fibers are characterized by low volume and weight.

Along with the benefits when planning the installation of fiber optic should take into account the limitations of these systems. First, the individual elements of the communication lines are very expensive and significantly affect the final cost of the work. Second, optical wire compared to a copper counterpart is quite fragile. And it requires the use of expensive equipment when laying the pipeline. Thirdly, the elimination of the line cut is much more expensive than the same operation on the copper lines.

An important place in the organization of fiber optic channels is proper planning. Among the various options, it is important to choose the best method of laying mains, which will allow you to avoid difficulties during installation and operation. The preparatory works include the installation of supports, fixing of the mounting clips and training places for laying fiber optic lines.

And only after this, the specialists proceed directly to installation. Important compliance with the requirements regarding bending radii, tensile loads, compression, etc. the final step tests the functionality of the nodes, and the system is commissioned.

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