Installation of drip irrigation with their hands

Installation of drip irrigation with their hands

Drip watering made with your own hands is a network of branched water supply on the plot. With the help of this system is the water supply from storage tanks directly to the root system of plants.

By combining drip irrigation with their hands in spetsmagazinah need to purchase accessories that are included with drip irrigation system. Making the choice of the pipe to create a planting system, and defining their length, must rely on estimated water consumption and pre-designed scheme of irrigation management. In addition the pipes need to choose the appropriate diameter considering the cost of water. In preparing the plan for irrigation should make it as easy as possible, as any fittings that are used in the drip irrigation system can become potential traps for dirt entering the system with the water flow.

Development of the scheme drip irrigation and preparation of site plan

For drip irrigation systems in spetsmagazinah need to purchase some items. These components of the irrigation system cannot be made independently. These elements of the system are:

  • separate dropper;
  • drip hose;
  • start connector;
  • specificity for the implementation of water treatment;
  • pipe for the installation of transmission and distribution pipelines, etc.

Most often the owners of household plots operated irrigation system, which provides some stability with a minimum number of branches. To ensure natural water flow from storage tanks is sufficient that there be a single Central distributing pipe, comprising fastening the drip tubes.

To ensure maximum functionality of this system is the accumulator carry out installation of a special sensor of water level in addition, the sensor system should contain in its composition sensor off watering. This design irrigation does not require large financial investments.

Standard installation set for watering system in the garden contains the following components:

  • pipes: plastic, for installation of water mains;
  • specificity for cleaning of the water supplied;
  • drip hose with inline drippers;
  • lubricant silicone-based;
  • start connector and tee;
  • valve;
  • pipes: plastic, for installation of wiring of water;
  • thread sealing and plastic connection nut.

Before beginning installation work it is necessary to draw a diagram of the infield. After that, the scheme is applied to the grid of distribution pipelines.

The plan for the infield provides for the placement on the scheme alleged beds with an indication of the crops that are expected to grow, in addition to the plan-the scheme should be applied not only beds, but single plants that grow in the beds and require additional watering. In the process of developing irrigation schemes and applying it to the site plan you need to consider locations for placement of valves, tanks for accumulation of water, droppers and drip hoses. Drip hoses are recommended to be placed with a slight bias towards the last dropper, the highway while it is best to mount in a horizontal position.

Installation of irrigation system

The basis of the design of the irrigation system are strips of plastic with holes and main pipelines for distribution of water. At the initial stage is the installation of pipes of pipelines, which are generally mounted along the tracks in the garden or yard. After the installation of the conduit is connected to the water supply system. The connection is made using a shutoff valves and detachable specaility. After preparing the piping system to pipes shall connect plastic strips with droppers, which, through the distribution tap are held throughout the area.

In the process piping cut pipe the desired length, on one end of the interval is plugged, and a second end with a crane is attached to the main pipeline. In the pipeline drilled holes have a diameter of 14 mm for the connection of the connector. The hole spacing should match the spacing between the rows of plants. In the dispenser faucet installation start connector using sealing gum. To ensure high functionality, it should be wetted with silicone grease. The connector provides for the regulation of water supply for implementing the irrigation of garden beds.

Installation of automatic drip irrigation system at the site

To facilitate watering by mounting the system device of automatic irrigation control. Device of automatic control allows to provide a uniform distribution of moisture in accordance with the needs of plants that favorably affects development of plants.

The use of automatic irrigation assembled with your own hands has several advantages:

  • allows you to set a daily watering at the same time;
  • automatic irrigation ensures free circulation of oxygen in the soil, the circulation of oxygen in the upper layer of the soil allows to prevent the formation of dry crusts;
  • the use of the device for automatic control of the irrigation process allows you to set the time interval of watering, according to which the system will turn on and off;
  • automation allows you to adjust the power head;
  • automation allows you to provide quality irrigation even in remote areas;
  • plant automation allows us to save water in the process of implementing irrigation.

In the presence of certain technical skills and knowledge of device for automatic control of the irrigation process it is possible to mount independently.

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