Immigration to the UK — myth or reality?

Immigration to the UK - myth or reality?

Immigration to the UK seems to many an almost impossible desire. England is famous for all its high standard of living and wages. To get into this country is not so easy, not to mention citizenship. But still there are lots of options how to implement this in the best way and legit way.

One of the main methods of immigration to the UK is with British spouses, work or study, refugee status, independent (professional) immigration, family reunification, registration of business or company.

If the British love Cupid hit the heart and it comes to a marriage with a foreigner, you will have some time to think about collecting the required documents for immigration in the list. Therefore, to issue «visa wife» in order to enter the country. Citizenship can be obtained only after three years of marriage. If there are minor children until marriage, they will also get citizenship with his mother after the specified time. The baby is born during the marriage immediately becomes a British citizen.

The second method. A residence permit may be granted to students who are studying in universities in the UK. Since ancient times, the study in England was considered very prestigious and respected, and the diplomas of these Universities are accepted worldwide. But at the end of a certain amount of time. Labor immigration provided only to some specialists, if they got the right to work in the state.

The third way. You have the opportunity to obtain refugee status only if there were fears for his life because of politics, religion, racism. Need to submit documents to the Embassy. And if statement will satisfy, in England will provide housing, financial assistance, professional courses and admission to study English language on special courses.

The fourth method. Immigration of qualified specialists in the Tier1 program available to people who know English and have high professional skills. Evaluate them based on specific list criteria. Those who are tested have a right to reside in the country and the opportunity to withdraw from the homeland of their relatives.

The fifth method. If you found the information on the residence of a close relative in the UK, it is possible to submit the relevant documents, which prove kinship. This feature is called family reunification.

The sixth method. The state of England encourages investment in the economy. So you can register your business and obtain a residence permit.

To summarize, it is clear that the possibilities of immigration to the UK a lot. Worth a look to determine what is available and correct based on the situation. Important not to miss a lot of little things and to gather all the necessary documents.

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