If the water pressure is low

If the water pressure is low

Question good water is always relevant at any time of year, almost any time of day and in any type of housing: apartment, private house with a plot of land. It happens that the water seems to be coming in, but very bad. Weak water pressure. This story is often, the residents live in the Khrushchev or Stalin. Particularly affected are those who live on the floors above. They water does not reach almost. As they say, get only some drops.

But what to do? It happens that even a simple dial capacity up to five or six litres, you need to wait a while. And how to properly wash the dishes, do wet cleaning, and especially to swim or take a shower and speeches cannot be. But if a small child or children, perhaps bedridden patients when the daily demand for water increases. And the owners of household plots do not have the opportunity to beat their beds.

Fortunately, the progress does not stand still and are pleased mankind all the new advances in many areas of practical human activities. It did not avoid the water issue. Global manufacturer of pumping equipment «Grundfos» offers domestic booster pump UPA 15-90. It can be a pump with a «wet rotor».

The increasing water level

The purpose of a pump is the increase of water level in the apartment or house. Low pressure is the cause of low water pressure or even its absence. Also, this increase in pressure at the beginning of the entrances to a number of household appliances: gas boiler, water heater, washing machine or dishwasher. Most important, it increases the pressure in the shower and other locations where there is water. The main condition that the minimum pressure in the nozzle should be no more than 0.2 bar.

Technical features

  • The separation of the stator of the electric motor and a special protective casing.
  • The desired operating mode can be set through the use of special switch located on the terminal box.


  • Small weight and dimensions, expressed as compactness, provide an opportunity to place almost everywhere where it is necessary to install.
  • The noise level is minimal;
  • The ability to install directly into the pipeline;
  • Small power;
  • The sensor passage is made of stainless steel;
  • Internal corrosion-resistant coating.

Learn more about the pump on the manufacturer’s website ru.grundfos/products/find-product/upa.html.

The trademark Grundfos is a leading pump manufacturer both domestic and commercial purposes. It has missions around the world, and then there is global recognition of the products of reliability and quality of its products.

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