If the browser is Opera

If the browser is Opera

When choosing the best program for surfing on the Internet do not have to download the first popular browser and use it without searching for alternatives. From the browser depends on the correctness of the content display, the page loading speed and availability of more features.

The advantages of Opera browser

Popular in the Internet browser Opera is not so popular as other «chromophobia» browsers, but this did not affect its functionality. It has a simple uncluttered interface, integrated loader displays popular websites as thumbnails, allows you to block unwanted banner ads and protects from cyber-attacks.

Differences from other browsers

The developers thoughtfully provided useful tools – management of mouse gestures, a logical bookmark, function off-line viewing, a hybrid of the query and the ability to check the spelling. For users who care about security, a special mode for private browsing and built-in password Manager. The program supports plugins, but fans of browser games will certainly find interesting content in the integrated market is Opera Mobile Store.

The «highlight» of this web browser is a unique Turbo mode that allow to significantly increase the speed of loading pages. Speed of processing HTML code, the browser traditionally holds the place in specialized comparisons. From other pros Opera note also the precise syntax of «heavy» sites, and loyalty to the system resources.

Based on this number of advantages, it becomes clear why many computers can be found with Opera as the default browser. But if you are planning to browse the web on «weak» machine, then look in the direction of the hero of our review becomes apparent.

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