Ideas for the design of the bookcase

Ideas for the design of the bookcase

Ideas for the design of the bookcase will help you to convert this piece of furniture in original interior decoration.In fact, a bookcase is a flexible device, which is designed not only to fulfill their direct function – the storage of books. You can also hide stationery, photo albums, and even gift wrapping. A bookcase not just for books! Just think how many he can accommodate. Maybe he already filled up various items, and you only have to give them an attractive appearance.

In what order was used in this wardrobehere are some steps that will help clean it from junk and sort left.


Books are a beautiful decorative element. There are many ways to give them style. Of course, the most obvious is to place books in order, from the spine outward. As in the library. But there are more interesting options. how to decorate bookcases with glass cheap.

A win-win way to use the book as a framework for a General view. Place several books on top of each other and one put on the sides vertically. Or put a couple between the decorative holders. Do so on the top shelf, and the next – will put the book in reverse order. And so to the floor, that look was like a zigzag. Not enough books? Miss some shelves. The main thing is to distribute them around the closet, but not folded all together. Ideally, on every shelf you need to leave free space where you can place other things.

Box for trifles

So, the books are arranged. It’s time to find a place for boxes where you can hide things that should not be in sight, but always need close at hand. For stationery, notes, phone chargers, perfect textile boxes.

Stand for magazines, chosen under the colors of the room perfectly serve their purpose, and also for storage of various papers, children’s drawings, etc.

Identical boxes, it is recommended to arrange the books, zigzag, and boxes with different design, if you like.

Individual style

Now, when the shelf space is occupied, it’s time to add individual style and decor. It all depends on personal preference and taste (except that it is not necessary to put the candles – it’s not safe). Most importantly – stick to the rules:

  • The unity of the design. Make sure that decorative elements had at least one thing in common – color, theme or material. This will give integrity.
  • Balance. When adding spots of bright color, try to repeat it on the opposite side of the Cabinet. The same rule applies for size and shape.
  • Dimensions. Balance is important, it is equally important to vary the sizes of items on shelves. Do not place a lot of small stuff.
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