Ibiza — the most fashionable European resort

Ibiza - the most fashionable European resort

Ibiza today has outgrown all of the European beach resorts by popularity. Located in the Mediterranean sea, this Spanish island known as pleasure island, where the party never ends. His clubs Amnesia, Privilege and Pacha has become famous all over the world. Here only the best DJs, dancers and musicians.

Ibiza - the most fashionable European resort

If you think that in this life you cannot go to heaven, you are sadly mistaken. There are on our mortal earth a real place that can rightly be called a Paradise.

Frequent visitors of Ibiza are the stars: Madonna, Bruce Willis, Boris Baker, Linda Evangelista, Whitney Houston and many other… the Island of Ibiza – the most fashionable European resort, with a wonderful atmosphere and summer holiday, wonderful people, beautiful nature and, of course, a unique mega-clubs, which are considered the best in the world. Nature in Ibiza is amazing in its beauty: subtropical vegetation (there are all sorts of palm trees, olive trees and other brightly blooming «green») plays all imaginable and unimaginable colors of the turquoise sky background. The slopes of pine-covered mountains tower over gorgeous beaches and bays, crystal clear sea water, and on the plains, the orchards of olive trees.

Its atmosphere prevails in the area of Playa d’en Bossa, one of the main tourist centers of the island. Here is the legendary club Space, who was famous for his «after-parties». From the area of Playa d’en Bossa until two in the morning people moved to mega-clubs, known for its foam parties that gather every night to 10 000 people.

The beaches of Ibiza have a length of 18 kilometers of beaches! They are everywhere – in whatever part of this island, you were not. A total of more than 60. The great thing about Ibiza is that even in the hottest months of summer (hot and on the temperature and number of tourists) there is a quiet piece of coast. Own little Paradise with beautiful sand and sparkles with diamonds water of the Mediterranean sea. This water is the cleanest in the Mediterranean. Deserted beaches give you such feeling that you are the first person to leave footprints in the sand, like you’re the only one who sees that beauty who breathes the air of the sea and the very close Atlantic ocean. You can feel a kind of millionaire who came to the island, like your favorite celebrities.

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