Hydro-Pol – a real pool house or apartment

Hydro-Pol – a real pool house or apartment

Hydro-Pol –a real pool house or apartment. You wanted a pool? Now there is no need to separate the area under the pool! Using the technology of hydro-floor pool, you can organize in every home! however the issue with the furniture in the room where you have a hydro floor also need to think about.

Projects pools in the house are often associated with office space under them. In the case of Hydro-floors from the company Hydrofloors this question disappears by itself. You can place a dry pool for the house in the basement or on the roof or one of the rooms. When you want to swim or go for a swim, then turn your floor into a pool with a slight press on the button to start the mechanism. The floor will fall and the niche will fill with water. The pool is ready. Otherwise, the water will merge and the floor will rise, giving you all the area under the living space.

Of course, in a Studio apartment so the pool is not erected, but for a country house or Villa it is a real project. this will require the room with the possibility of building a sunken niches, the depth of which will be from one to three meters. Alternatively, you can use two rooms, which are located one above the other. So you will always have easy access to any chsti your pool in case of breakage or leakage.

Indoor swimming pool eliminates the need for constant cleaning falling leaves and debris. Despite the fact that the manufacture of pavilions for pools today are well-developed and quite affordable to have to build a pool in the house is much more practical, because you can have a swim not only in summer but anytime of the year!

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