How to watch TV

How to watch TV

Distance, height and lighting of the TV is only some of the criteria for TV content that allows you to enjoy any program. In this article we will tell you how to watch TV.

The main seat

Remember – the main function of TV is to entertain, it is because of this you must be comfortable to be in the room. Does not make sense to put the latest generation of TVs, for example, large, beautiful wall, if on the contrary there is no place for the chair. To put the TV in the right perspective and at a height where it can be viewed without interference – to sit quietly and enjoy quality image and sound. The chair should be comfortable, with small shelves where you can house the remote, the TV listings for today, magazines and Newspapers.

TV – not only for the living room

And although previously it was thought that the true place TV in the living room, currently, with advanced aesthetic technologies, it can be placed almost anywhere – in the kitchen or in the hallway, in the sauna or in the bathroom. Thin LED screens, sound systems and a convenient additional functions allow it to hang on the wall, put on table, shelf or on the floor. There are people who need a TV in all the rooms, and such that this technology is not used at all. All depends on the person, his interests and preferences.

The biggest TV is not always better, you need to measure the space – width, height, as well as TV-application – will you watch TV alone or together with friends? «When buying a TV, you should consider the distance from the revision places – sofas, armchairs, etc., because, for example, a huge screen in a small kitchen will look awkward and not aesthetically pleasing.

Take care of your eyes!

Adults are recommended to view the TV to devote time – not more than two hours a day. In turn, the children – all depends on age. Children under three years old are not recommended to watch TV for more than 30 minutes a day, students can watch TV for 30-60 minutes. In addition, every 30-45 minutes is recommended to do 5-10 minute break to rest. Excessive viewing televizorf can lead to headaches, sleep disturbances, eye fatigue.

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