How to wash a pillow of feathers?

How to wash a pillow of feathers?

How to wash pillow feathers few know. For centuries our ancestor, was convinced that the best filler cushions feather. Perhaps, their opinion was influenced by the stagnation in technological development of this industry and they had no alternative. Anyway, the tradition to use pillows with feathers preserved to this day.

You can wash pillows at home?

Not every woman is in a hurry to get rid of a comfortable and durable cushion. Even the loss of the original appearance and significant pollution can contribute to getting rid of things. Such circumstances is accompanied by the relevance of the problem of restoration of pillows of feathers in home.

The development of new technologies simplified the task with the Laundry, and now there is no need to do the Laundry manually. But if we are talking about overall things, without hand-washing is not enough. Especially if you can not dry cleaning. If you are this person, then knowledge about how to put in order a feather pillow yourself, just necessary. The only question that remains, what technique to use to wash by hand will help if the washing machine?

This problem can be solved with the help of hands or equipment. Another thing, what detergents must be used, to achieve the desired result. And there is nothing difficult, because you can use any detergent and even Laundry soap. If the pillow is not cited in the order for a long time, it is better to use detergent.

The pillow need not be washed entirely, as this would create additional problems. Because then it will need to dry completely to get rid of moisture. During washing in the washing machine, use gentle treatment and also take care to carefully sew the feathers in the bag. It will not allow the feathers to scatter during the procedure of washing. If you have decided to hand wash, feather pillow , soak for half an hour in warm water with mild detergent.

The preparatory process

Experts do not recommend to wash the pillow. Before washing it is better to understand it on a structural part and to wash the cushion parts, because not every washing machine will take a pillow. In addition, the quality of washing of a single product may not give the desired result.

Remove the feathers. If feathers are many, they can be placed in several sacks, which are sewed. Bag the pillow can be washed separately along with other things.

Method hand wash pillows

After the soaking process, you need to wash pillow in washing up liquid or crushed pieces.

The pillow purchased fresh, need to get rid of bad smell and improve the quality of the feathers. To do this, add to existing solution a little ammonia or vinegar. During the washing process requires large amounts of water (2-3 buckets) to carry out the procedure of washing in several stages. You know that the first water will be very dirty and you need to make the pillow clean. You also need a few races rinse the article in clean water to get the most expected result.

Drying pillow of feathers

In order that the pillow was dry, the procedure must be done under favorable climatic conditions. The sun’s rays needs to cope with the problem and completely rid the pillow from moisture. In addition, it is necessary that the pillow is weather-beaten air flows. This will speed up the process of drying. If conditions outside don’t allow you to do so dry at home.

It is necessary to prepare the site for drying. Take a cardboard sheet or several times folded tissue. They pour feathers of the bags. Try during drying to control the drying process by systematically turning over the feathers. At the end of the drying mandatory take them outside, and doculive there. A dried-up pen returned back to the pillow.

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