How to use the services of an interior designer?

How to use the services of an interior designer?

Interior design has always paid great attention. Someone is doing this on their own, and some prefer to turn to professionals. In this article we will tell you how to use the services of an interior designer?

How to start working with a designer?

Repair facilitiesusually requires the explicit formation of the task for those professionals who will perform them. The basic document in the preparation of technical execution plan is the description clear and specific details. It will depend on the size of the facility and complexity of execution. This plan will provide an opportunity to assess the quality and capabilities intended not only to clients, but also to the contractor. Its essence is that you fill out the form and specify the amount, location, form, technical affiliation of the premises and the delivery of the turnkey. Also here you must indicate your wishes and instructions.

The contractor should know:

  1. how much of the object;
  2. the floor on which it is located;
  3. to which Fund belongs to the house;
  4. what is communication and what state they are in.

Your requests contain information about the possibility to change the remodeling of the facility, estimate the illuminance due to the Windows, change the number of doors. This takes into account data for each member of your family: age, favorite habits, occupations, desires and even personality traits. After studying the written information during the first discussions of the repair of the customer and the contractor can immediately discuss and approve specific options.

Repair stages are mandatory for discussion

The cost of the repair will depend on the precise implementation schedule. Pre-calculate the cost of construction materials for each room and determine the total amount. The most time-consuming and costly often are kitchen, toilet and bathroom. For these areas, as a rule, require additional processing and the number of materials.

When discussing the project with contractors and performers, you’ll be able to evaluate their professionalism. In this place the contractor with specific questions and draw conclusions about how accurately and responsibly he answers them. Very useful to have on a specific issue advice adapt your ideas. It can give the designer. He will be able to choose from your options the most appropriate and relevant.

How to choose a good designer?

You can go to several specialists in interior design and conclude which of them you better know who better than others has convinced you in the choice of ideas and sensible introduced you to the complexity of the work. If after consultation you wish to use the service designer to translate your wishes into the project, there is a common service Express design. This service should provide competent, experienced specialist who has a lot of good work. For this job will not suit a graduate or student of an architecture school. A good help when choosing a professional designer may be a Internet site such as mariavasilenko/, where everyone has the opportunity to get acquainted with a portfolio and list of services.

But if you need to make the correct selection and combination of colors in the interior, it is quite useful to students studying the program for visualization. This will allow you to save on the expensive replacement program for the preliminary design. But the only thing that can be trusted to a third party. According to the rules the designer should fully implement only a unique design, without referring to other experts of its individual parts. Ask the contractor specific conditions for which it will seek to carry out their work efficiently. The contractor shall:

  • Not to violate the established budget.
  • Clearly lead the interior styling.
  • To use the opportunity to engage in the transformation space.
  • Not to delay the turnaround time.

The performance of any of your ideas on repair of the premises will have the desired result only with the use of the services of a good designer.

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