How to use granite in the interior


How to use granite in the interior

In the modern interior has not lost its design with the use of tiles. Tile cladding material has found its application in the decoration of walls, floors and other surfaces. Particularly relevant is the use of tiles in country cottages. Especially often it can be found in the bathroom, kitchen and loggia. Recently special popularity the granite. Porcelain (ceramic granite) – a finishing material, the formula of which consists of a mixture of clay, quartz, feldspar and pigments. The resulting mixture is placed under a press with high pressure, dried and calcined at a temperature of over 1000 degrees. The result is an extremely durable and non-porous material with internal and external pattern.

Tiles or porcelain tiles, what to choose?

Compared with conventional ceramic ceramic tile has several significant advantages:

  • Density. In the production of porcelain stoneware undergoes a comprehensive treatment that prevents the formation of the porous structure.
  • Strength. Lining material immune to precision attacks and prolonged mechanical stress.
  • Water resistant. The value of this index approaches 100%.
  • Durability. Not afraid of abrasion, contact with chemicals or with ultraviolet light.

Where to use granite?

The scope of material, finishing work is quite wide, there are almost no restrictions. In the interior the granite can be mounted on any surface: brick, stone, drywall. Ceramic granite is used for kitchen area, bathroom, hallway. In addition to interior decorating, the material used for cladding the facade of the building or basement. Often they lay out the garden paths and relaxation areas. Returning to the subject of interior finish, it is logical to note that, thanks to their high performance material is essential in finishing the floor.

Some porcelain tiles for the floor to choose?

The choice of floor cladding is presented one fundamental requirement, the size of plates porcelain tiles must match the area of the room. For example, too large elements will look out of place in a small toilet – they emphasize the disadvantage of limited space. For this purpose it is recommended to pick up a plate of medium size. Still in doubt, what material to choose for a room? Visit MnogoPlitki in the catalog of the proposed production presents a wide selection of granite, which will satisfy the most demanding customers.

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