How to use artificial stone in the design

How to use artificial stone in the design

Contemporary design often use artificial stone because of its practicality and low cost. Stone is one of the oldest building materials. In every city of the world can find luxury buildings, created from granite, labradorite, and other varieties. It is noteworthy that the stone was used not only for direct construction of houses, but also for interior decoration. Remember the beautiful palaces of marble, decorated with malachite and other minerals. Their rich decoration enthralls generations of people for many centuries.


Advantages of artificial stone

Not by chance we’re talking about time. Because the stone is not only beauty, but also durability, reliability and durability. Year and nature not only do not destroy, but rather polished stone, making it even more beautiful. All this speaks in favor of the use of stone in the decoration of the interior of the building.

Until recently, the main obstacle to this was the high price of the material. Afford quartz and marble could just some. However, today, thanks to advances in scientific technology, created stone, not inferior to its natural «brother». He also has an interesting and original texture, unusual looks, but much lower cost.

Mining normal stone cladding is usually carried out almost on the surface, as the depth at which the rock is small. As already mentioned, this type of stone is used for house construction in the form of large monolithic blocks. Decorative stone – a kind of facing. Its characteristics are very similar to natural rock. Traditionally it is used to finish columns, arched doorways.

Artificial decorative stone is a kind of mix of the two above types. It consists of natural components such as gypsum and organic impurities. Thanks to this set of «ingredients», the output is a light, machinable material, which is easy to work with. Modern equipment for production of artificial stone allows you to create any color and texture. Moreover, its resistance to destructive environmental influences did not suffer. An important advantage is also the fact that the market is easy to pick up same artificial stones, while figure natural kinds are always individual, which details may not be combined with each other.

The scope of artificial decorative stone

Such a stone preserved decorative function: they trim the columns, walls and floors. Popular use in the decoration of fireplaces and stoves. It is very safe as the material is refractory and does not melt and does not emit toxic substances. There are two types of installation – with glue or with sutures. It is worth noting that artificial stone you don’t need to care, to maintain in an acceptable condition.

The use of artificial decorative stone gives a lot of room for imagination: You can create panels by combining plates with different patterns and texture. This ornamental technique reminiscent of mosaics and perfectly fit into the interior in a style that suggests luxury and wealth. For example, the Byzantine.

But it is important not only the appearance but also the atmosphere, which brings the material into the house. You if you find yourself in an ancient Venetian mansion or Palace, where everything breathes style, and indicates the subtle taste of the owner. Is there a reason to choose artificial stone for decoration?

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