How to unclog a clogged sink?

How to unclog a clogged sink?

Everyone is periodically faced with a problem like clogged sinks and water pipes. First we need to determine the cause of the blockage and its location.

What to do if there is a clogged sink?

The first attempt to fix it its own way – it’s all kinds of chemicals, but unfortunately, this method does not always work. There is also a device called ventosa. Its operation is very simple – set on the sink to place the drain and push the water from clogging up and down. But if a lot of debris, this method is not very effective. These same techniques can be used if you don’t know how to unclog the blockage in the toilet.

After separate failed attempts to remove the blockage, you can call a plumber, who with the assistance of the cable from the metal will clean the pipe. If the visit of the expert does not fully resolve the problem, then you should look for the knee (a modern variant of the representative – siphon with corrugated pipe). Plumbers often miss the problem of clogging of the siphon and by making the cleaning of the pipes, I think that the work is finished.

What clogged the pipe?

This is due to human activities, that is, he pours into the sink grease, food particles, powders, and soap. All this settles on the walls and sticking. Over time it grows and the passage in the tube remains very small, which is why the water goes bad.

Stages eliminate clogging

Clean-up instructions for young and inexperienced owners:

  1. Replace the bucket under the sink.
  2. Unscrew the top tube from the funnel. Do the process slowly, so as not to disrupt the system.
  3. Remove the pipe from the main sewer.
  4. If under the sink is mounted the siphon, it must be carefully removed.
  5. Pressurized water wash stretched convoluted tube.
  6. It is possible to adapt garden hose, as it will help to remove the blockage under pressure.
  7. Cover one side of the tube in a plastic bag and tie it with a rope and pour hot water. Hold the pipe with both hands, perform a circular movement quick – it’ll clear the wall. The more carefully will make the process, the more likely it is clean from blockages.
  8. Don’t forget to clean the siphon. To hold it clean can in the same way that the pipe by pouring hot water.
  9. After carried out cleaning procedures, connect all parts into a single system. Be careful, as smoked nut may lead to a flood.
  10. Turn on water and check for leaks.

Remember: if You have a clogged sink, it is not necessary to call a specialist immediately. This process will give to any person, the main desire and strictly follow the instructions.

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