How to throw a party?

How to throw a party?

If you decide to throw a party, you need good advice. There is not a single person who would not want to use a party better than anyone. You always want to prepare everything so perfectly that you were praised and thanked for the invitation. It will make you a little happier, but from an excess of happiness no one has died.

How to throw a party?

To start is to determine the roomwhere you’ll spend the upcoming event. It could be your apartment, Villa or country house with pool and a large free space. Decide what you want to do in order to keep the party fun and unforgettable. What you want to see her?

So, first you need to write the guest list. This is necessary in order to determine the amount of food and beverages that will be present on the tables. With the expectation of one person to buy products. Must be present fruits, vegetables, meats, or sandwiches, depending on what format your party.

After all, how many people – so many opinions, and therefore your party each sees something different. Once you decide what you want to see on the tables, it is necessary to calculate how much you need products for each person and begin thinking through the drink. If your guests drink alcohol, it is better to stop the choice on light cocktails. Let it be a Martini, with tonic or champagne, you can even choose cocktails with wine. Here you need to consider that some people have the special properties of the organism when alcohol. So if you want to have your party is not over by a drunken brawl or lasted longer, then the calculation of alcohol should be approached with the mind.

It is better to take less than allow your guests to get drunk before consciousness loss. If your guests do not drink alcohol, the choice of drinks should be stopped for milk shakes or soft. It is much easier and you is not difficult to prepare such drinks.

Next you need to pay attention to the serving tables. How, on what and where you will entertain your guests. If you order the waiters to have the luxury, we can restrict some tables where there are snacks. Also make sure that these places were easily accessible to avoid the various incidents and not to leave guests hungry.

As snacks can be sandwiches with different fillings, sweet desserts, jellies, cakes, convenient snacks of light products. You can also prepare a few salads and put them in different places of the party that all the guests could enjoy your meals. Consider the scenario of a party.

You will be able to offer its guests for entertainment?

It may be Board games, sports and outdoor games such as badminton, football, volleyball and others. You can also take guests to various contests that you need to consider beforehand. Nowadays there are many interesting contests that will allow your guests to get bored.

To think the contests should pre-make a lot of them in order to attract the attention of all those present at your party. Remember that some people are very afraid to participate in competitions, so don’t be too persistent.

Give guests the opportunity to make their own decisions. The boldest strike will be over, and the rest will be involved after some time. Please note that you may need music. Can anyone wish to dance, and maybe your party will be a musical at all. Therefore, the selection of music should be taken more than seriously.

Try to take into account the musical tastes of all your guests, but not much break my head. You cannot please everyone, and besides the boss. if you are an audiophile, you can offer pearls of your own music collection or download new items of club music for If someone does not like it sounded the melody, the holiday will not be ruined, and one person can bear.

Thus, it will be able to demonstrate their respect to you as the host of the party to which he was invited. Don’t forget that the music should be upbeat to hear her, you yourself once wanted to dance.

The parties decided to put a slow music, but if the format of your party allows a slow dance, then once they will not. This will help you and your guests to relax and unwind. Fans of the songs suggest the most popular songs of Dan Balan on this link

Think about how to decorate the venue of your party.

It can be balloons, garlands, scented candles and other decoration items and decor.

Try to create a holiday atmosphere. In most cases flowers are welcome, they are very pleasant to look at and smell.

Try to have a party so first she liked you. And your guests will definitely appreciate your hospitality and your efforts.

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