How to teach a child a foreign language?

How to teach a child a foreign language

Many mom and dad from an early age teach their young creatures foreign languages. In this article we will talk about how to make the process more efficient and to teach a child a foreign language.

If you have decided that your child needs to know perfectly at least one foreign language, then you face the question as to when is the best time to start training. For this reason specialists are a lot of discussions. Some say that the optimal period for teaching a child the age of three. There is an opinion that a child of this age is capable of digesting native language. However, other professionals claim that babies who are under three years of age, are not emotionally ready to learn a foreign language. You can hear from them that the training is best to start with five years.

Options for the teaching of foreign languages


If you give the child to a kindergarten where the teachers are native speakers, it will be in the language environment. However, such establishments are not in every region.


If you hire a tutor for a young creation, he will naturally use the individual approach. You will be able to negotiate with the teacher on a flexible schedule. However, if you own a bad language, it’s hard to determine whether the tutor to «put» the child with a good pronunciation. To find a good tutor help the sites like freeteachers/.

Some moms and dads hire a nanny, who in perfection knows English. It helps the child to plunge into the bilingual world. But in this case it is likely that the child and his nanny couldn’t get along among themselves. Keep in mind that to find a teacher who knows the language and is able to communicate with children, will be difficult.

Many adults prefer to learn a language with the youth. They use cartoons in another language, and learning games. However, if you decide to teach the child language, then you must not doubt their capabilities. Otherwise, you will give the child the false knowledge. Keep in mind that to be retrained it will be extremely difficult.

Language courses

It is possible to give preference to coursesthat focus on children from three to five years. There are young creatures play dialogues and learning poetry in a foreign language. However, if your child, God forbid, will be unwell and will miss a few classes, it may lag behind other children.

Recommendations for learning a foreign language

It is desirable that the tot started to play right after Breakfast. After this period it is more active. To do best don’t more than thirty minutes a day. If possible, show your little cartoons in a foreign language. Buy dolls, pronounce foreign words. If you know children study a language, you can speak on it with Chad.

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