How to take pictures on a mobile phone?

How to take pictures on a mobile phone?

In connection with the development of mobile technologies, budget cameras began to fade into the background, because photos are not the worst quality possible to do with a mobile phone camera. In this article we will tell you how to take pictures on a mobile phone.

First and foremost, unlike a professional camera, while shooting on a mobile phone is of great importance good lighting as flash average mobile phone does not give sufficient light.

It is also not less important factor is the direction of the light. For obtaining a good picture should stand back to the light source, so you save the natural colors and lighting chosen for photo of the object.

The main advantage of mobile phones on the Android operating system is a huge choice of programs by which you receive the opportunity to take photos with maximum exclusive. The opportunity to provide additional effects to the already made earlier photos, panoramic photography, Sepia, increased contrast, the predominance of certain colors, the ability of black – and-white photography and much more. Collecting favorite photos from a mobile phone, and learn how to make a book with your hands, you can make a photo book about the most interesting and important events which can then be shown to friends and relatives.

Most modern mobile phones equipped with built-in auto image stabilization. For use, the so-called shutter button press to half and make sure that you stabilize on the selected subject successfully worked, and only after that holding the phone in the most stationary to press the button all the way down to take the picture. Once you have made the should be a little more to hold the phone still, in order to avoid unwanted blurring in some mobile phones this time reaches one second.

Very well, if there is a subject on which you can rely hand and significantly increase the property phone. Never lose this opportunity. In the case where automatic stabilization mistakenly chose the subjects you need to manually point to it by touching it with your finger to the area on the touch screen corresponding to the selected object.

Categorically I do not advise to resort to using the zoom feature (zoom), as even the minimum its use significantly affects the quality of your image. Better to get closer to the subject, and if such a possibility is excluded, then get the shot without using the zoom feature, and then cut out pictures of the desired fragment.

If you begin to notice that the photos become more turbid than usual, you should clean the lens of your camera using the special kits to clean the lenses.

For sure will do a series of shots of your chosen subject, in order to be able to choose a good the resulting picture, as in some cases you will not be able to take a picture again.

In mobile phone settings are the default maximum settings of image quality. They should increase to a limiting value. Thus your photos will become clearer, but their size will increase significantly. In connection with this fact, you should always remember that if you are going to do a large number of photos, important to take care of the purchase removable flash drive of the appropriate amount and take it with you.

And finally, my most important advice to beginners – more practice and you will succeed. Good luck with your creative endeavors.

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