How to survive an apartment in the same style?

How to survive an apartment in the same style?

How to survive an apartment in the same style? The owners of the flats you want to make repairs so that it looked relevant and not out of fashion for many years. This is not surprising because the choice of real estate people very responsibly, spending a lot of time and looking for suitable options on reliable sites, as site. But because they want each room blends seamlessly with the other rooms in the house and amazed by its design.


Now many seek to sustain the interiors in the same style. Such a decision is quite reasonable and has many advantages. For example, you can visually make the room more spacious and cozy to comply with the latest global trends in interior design and is easy to do a permutation in the house, because all the furniture will go well together. So you can avoid the mistakes people often make when mixing several different styles together. Particularly suitable a single stylistic design for Studio apartments.

What to consider when creating a new interior?

To ensure that all rooms are harmoniously combined among themselves, it is necessary to choose the style that I would like to adhere to. This may be the minimalism and high-tech, and Provence, and modern. Of course, in the process of resettlement areas can be added to the detail inherent in the other style, but it should be remembered that it is impossible to achieve harmony, mixing Provence and high-tech.

After selecting the basic style, you should decide on the desired color scheme. Don’t have to do all the rooms in one color, it is possible to withstand an apartment in pastel colors, use different shades of one color or make a color key, but add in different elements of other colors.

The detail interior

It is important to carefully approach the selection of materials, their invoices should go well together. Furniture also needs to fit the chosen concept. For example, for rooms decorated in the style of hi-tech or minimalism will fit furniture of simple forms, light tables, chairs, cabinets and tables with intricate carvings are perfect for apartments in the style of Provence.

To all the rooms correspond with the style, you must pay careful attention to the design of lighting and not overdo it with the decor, because a large variety of small details can distract from the overall concept and to overload the interior.

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