How to store chipboard

How to store chipboard

Today , DSP is one of the most popular building materials. Chipboard is made of special particles, which are connected with individual substances. In General, this material features high strength and durability. Someone interested in the issue of its proper storage. Some people ask where to buy a Board edging yet.

The advantages of DSP

  • The leaves are quite easy to assemble using a power screwdriver.
  • The material has an aesthetic and natural appearance.
  • Chipboard can be purchased at an affordable price.


Due to its excellent qualities chipboard can be applied in various fields. If you are planning the construction of any facility, creation of furniture, manufacture of the packaging, then you should use a wood-shaving plates. Also in this case, you might wonder where you can buy wood and more. Particleboard is made in the form of soft and hard leaves. Regardless of the type of material should comply with certain rules of storage. The important thing is to provide protection from moisture. It is best to store the plates in a dry and warm place.

Usually the box with the material placed on special pallets. The distance between them should be about 500 mm. If the products are kept in stock, it is important to make driveways and aisles. Their width should be from 2.5 to 5 m. If the room has a heating pipe, the material should be placed far away from them. Humidity in the warehouse should be not exceed 65%. As for storage temperature, it is usually not below 10 degrees. At manufacturing enterprises, usually performed daily presentation of the material in subsequent processing, sorting, and cutting. In this case, it is recommended to group plates according to daily output.

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