How to spend the birthday of the beloved child

How to spend the birthday of the beloved child

It seems to be just what you were met by relatives of the doors of the hospital, only recently you were breast-fed, only here followed the first steps of your precious Chad, just heard the first words. The whole picture before my eyes, like it was yesterday. And you will not believe your eyes, but your sweetheart very soon for 6 years. And how to spend the birthday of the beloved childto your dear little man was delighted and felt like the happiest and most loved child? And most importantly to guests, his friends were happy and joyful?

It seems that not a lot of options, actually, if you think of ideas, there are many, the main thing is to determine the location of the event and then develop a plan of action. So, we offer you the following options:

Spend the holiday at home, invite your friends to your baby. For this variant there are two ways of doing the holiday: to hold contests yourself or to invite the animator to entertain children. Contests should be varied, it is better to focus on mobile games, but and games-puzzles has not been canceled. Minus in celebration of the home only one – to prepare the table for the birthday and then cleaning after the celebration, and the event may be delayed. Ordering a children’s cake to order Moscow, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and effort, which may be useful in the design of the house for the holiday.

To arrange a holiday in a children’s café. Here you can also invite the entertainer in advance to coordinate the menu and enjoy the evening by watching or photographing fun kids. A significant plus stay limited, that is, at the appointed hour the children take the parents, you just have to pay with good impressions and favorite

The original version of the novel the young company in the cinema to watch a fun cartoon, and then to celebrate in the pizza place or cafe in the same solemn theater for lunch. Discuss impressions after the movie with delicious pizza and salads, order a delicious baby smoothies, desserts, pre-order a cake there, if your institution is served a La carte.

In summer a great option is to take the children to the recreation Park, to take them for a ride on the carousel, to give the opportunity to meet nalcomis cotton candy, ice cream. Here holiday attributes will serve as balloons, bubbles, a kite. In the late evenings as well at home or already there in the Park at an outdoor cafe lighting candles on a birthday cake. Cake delivery is you need to consider beforehand.

If Dtier birthday fell on a winter Park vacation can be substituted, i.e. a covered building with plenty of rides, slides, swings, trampolines. Incident after funny activities in tired kids are happy to relax over a Cup of tea with a birthday cake.

Here are just a few options for holding the event. It is necessary to try and your favorite baby will be happy. At this age in the children’s consciousness is already formed the perception of traditions. It is necessary to consider the program of the celebration, and remember all the standard traditional actions of our country: to pull at the ears of the birthday boy, sing song we used to sing in kindergarten, «we baked a loaf» or the song of the crocodile Genes, blow out the candles on a birthday cake. The main thing for your child to feel your love and attention on the very important day.

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