How to spend a weekend in Saint-Petersburg

How to spend a weekend in Saint-Petersburg

The weekend always want to spend fun and unforgettable. The best way to get a lot of new and bright impressions to go to a city where you have never been. For example, in Saint Petersburg. This city is ready to offer you with a wide range of activities: walks on the local rivers and canals, visiting museums and theatres, trips to the suburbs. Here everyone will find entertainment to their liking.

The perfect vacation in St. Petersburg, which suggest local residents to tourists is a walk along the route of historical monuments. To make it yourself, or book excursions as part of an organized group. In between sightseeing, enjoy the local cafe to enjoy specialty coffee. Saint Petersburg rarely indulges tourists with warm and Sunny weather, so the more gastronomic rest stops you make, the more comfortable it will feel.

If you are still undecided where to stay for the night, the most budget option would be a hostel. For example, Graffiti L, which has a convenient location and developed infrastructure nearby. Within walking distance from the hotel local attractions enjoy the convenient access to the station or airport. Besides measures at the hostel Graffiti, virtually none of the residents do not leave indifferent.

What is the script output in Saint-Petersburg depends on the weather conditions. In windy and cool weather visit different museums, go to theatres and ballet. In Sunny weather you can not miss the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. From may to October in the city there are sightseeing tours on a river boat, which give guests unforgettable emotions. Also in may, the city opened the season of fountains, to enjoy the view which in Peterhof. Through the alleys of Gatchina or Pavlovsk better to walk in the autumn time and drink tea in open verandas and devote time the horse walks.

If you are only interested in the cultural program, take care of purchasing theater tickets in advance, you can buy them anytime online. Lovers of museums will definitely impress the Hermitage, who tenderly love the residents and guests of the Northern capital. Information about the most interesting exhibits can be found on the website of the Museum, making your own route. Children are much more fun to visit the local doll Museum or the Zoological Museum.

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