How to spend a vacation in Georgia

How to spend a vacation in Georgia

Vacation in Georgia has a huge number of positive aspects. First, off you don’t have to have a high financial position. Secondly, it was a great experience and the sea of vivid impressions.

On arrival should visit the cities:


The largest city and the pride of Georgia, which is famous for its large number of attractions, such as famous fortress Narikala. From the height which overlooks the entire city. Moreover, 16 km from the city is one of the most beautiful and pleasing to the eyes of tourists, the monastery of Betania. Its architecture impresses with its excellent view of every tourist. Quickly visit all the sights by using rented vehicles. For this you need to contact the car rental Tbilisi, where you can choose a car to your taste.


Historic Georgian town, which was founded in the 5th century BC, also called the Museum under the open sky because a lot of monuments of history were gathered together in this wonderful place.


Unknown party of Georgia, however, no less strange than all the others. Here you can admire a plantation of grapes, stretching from horizon to horizon. Among the local attractions you can see David Paradiski complex and beautiful monastery of Alaverdi, which is located among the vineyards.

Organizational issues

Georgia does not require visas, need only a passport, the term of which shall cover only the travel period.

A great time to travel – from may to June, as yet there is no exhausting heat.

As for tickets, then you have several options. To get from Moscow, you can take direct flights of such airlines as Aeroflot or Gergian Airways. If you want to save money, you can use Azerbaijan airlines, flight which passes through Baku with transfers lasting from 2-6 hours. In order to travel around the city you will have to travel by public transport, but in small towns you need to travel on foot or use a taxi.


First, if you plan to go to the mountains, it is better to err and to bring a raincoat as the weather in these places is very changeable. Second, if you decide to bring as a gift the dagger, in addition to a cheque should be requested from the seller a gift certificate. To avoid conflicts with local residents, it is better not to raise the issue of the events in South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Summing up we can say that Georgia is a country that combines everything. It’s modern, but at the same time ancient and unknown. And having gone to Georgia to relax, you will receive a huge bouquet of emotions and memories.

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