How to set up a personal account on the glazed balcony

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For a modern person working from home has become commonplace. Often you can find optimistic young and creative people who create their projects within the walls of his apartment. This does not always work out just use your room. Often to create a working environment needs an office.

What to do if an extra room, but there is the balcony? You can use a good idea to register your personal account on the glazed balcony. Renovation of apartments will allow you to decorate your office where you can work and enjoy the process. You only have to figure out how to organize your workspace comfortably.

Office furniture on the balcony

Mainly the balconies are not very large in size, so choose the office furniture so that it did not occupy more than half of the space. This means that office need to use only the most important items.

In the category of furniture includes a seat and a table. All other additions can be selected on discretion. For the flight of thought and good work need to leave the maximum free space.

Lighting of the Cabinet on the balcony

The balcony is a great place to work if the conversation comes to light. In the afternoon there is always plenty of light. But it is necessary to consider the protection of the monitor from direct sunlight. For this you can use shutters, blinds or more Pets of the Chinese curtains.

If you are a late riser who likes to work hard and at night, can not do without additional lighting. Because this zone is virtually isolated from the world. You can buy a solar-powered lamp, which day will be charged, and in the evening to illuminate your office.

The flooring of the Cabinet

To create a cozy office atmosphere is necessary to choose the right flooring. In this case it is convenient to use a fluffy soft rug to the size of the covered area, where there is a Desk chair.

In the winter, better insulation of the balcony and make warm floors. In this case, you can do without the Mat.

Part of the decorative arrangement of personal Cabinet

Making your office on the balcony, we should not neglect the decoration. You should want to repeatedly return to the place where you are going to spend a lot of time. Install a couple of small pots of flowers, make some simple wall shelves for books. You can decorate your Windows with decorative stickers, creating the new York skyline.

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