How to save money on the filter and take care of the health?

How to save money on the filter and take care of the health?

How often do you change cartridges in the filter? Once a month? Two? Three? How much you spend on consumables? Which is the warranty of your filter in General? If you are uncomfortable answering these questions, perhaps you should think about a different filter?

When choosing water filters, our fellow citizens were increasingly looking to protect your health from the attack of impurities contained in the water. Accordingly installed in apartments of three-stage filters of water purification, which contain not one filter, but three, and all three need to regularly change: coal – 3 times a year, ion exchange 2 times… And each time is a waste.

Again, there is no guarantee that the filter will not begin to pay back the accumulated impurities, and what’s inside will not settle a colony of bacteria. These problems, as well as the fact that no such filter will not eliminate all impurities, solves the reverse osmosis unit. And that technology is replicated in living cells. Previously, it was used only on an industrial scale and in the Navy, not to carry stocks, and to desalinate and to purify water on the ship or submarine. However, now this technology is available at home.

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