How to restore the bath

Independently to restore the bath – not an easy task, but doable. Everybody is pleased to use high quality and new sanitary equipment. Unfortunately, over time, inevitably comes the need to upgrade household items and furniture. If in most cases it is not difficult, then the bathroom will have to face the obvious difficulties.

Major faults baths

The need to restore the bath occurs when the tub gets two major disadvantages:

  • unattractive appearance;
  • the effects of corrosion, making it appropriate to undertake hygiene procedures.

To solve the problem with any malfunction will help online store baths Bellezza-mebel. They recommend a special, gel Polish, brush, and spatula, disposable mask, and a little time.

How to restore enamel bathtubs

To date, the best material to restore the surface of the bath, consider a three-component varnish. The paint is odourless due to the absence in its composition of the solvent. So, let’s start:

  • To activate the lacquer must be mixed with catalyst and hardener. Read the instructions carefully and proportion.
  • First do the dismantling of the overflow and drain.
  • The next step is to prepare the surface that will be applied to the material. The surface of the bath, carefully wash and dry. Spend enough time and effort to clean the surface from loose parts.
  • After that, you need to carefully degrease the work surface. You can use any solvent, and then rinse with water and allow to dry.
  • The room temperature should be 20 -24 degrees.
  • Polish must be applied consistent manipulation of the brush, first up and then down.
  • Prepared working composition can be used only for 40-45 minutes.
  • Drying of the baths is 5 days, and in the absence of drafts for 24 hours.

On difficult surfaces

Mention should also be made of the need for special training of complex surfaces. It may be deep scratches and chips. To remove them, you can use a method of grinding with subsequent application of the epoxy composition.

A specialty store will give detailed recommendations on how to restore the bath and what varnish is best to buy. Do the repair correctly together with the bellezza-mebel!

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