How to replace old curtains in the apartment

How to replace old curtains in the apartment

Psychologists and designers say one thing: if the soul is sad, it is necessary in life to change something. For example, to change the interior of the apartment or house. To make it warmer and cozier. But not always such a rosy prospect, especially if it threatens expensive and not cosmetic repairs and purchase of new furniture. In this case, to update the interior is also possible. It is easy and quick to make, if… replace your old curtains with new and more modern.

Psychologists advise to improve mood to choose curtains bright, positive, warm colors like orange, red-brown, gold. You can stop and green – these curtains will be good to calm down, to relax. Most importantly – do not overdo it because it can cause the opposite effect, and even more immersed in the abyss of depression.

A great way to change something in your interior is to add different colored spots in the form of beautiful accessories, such as hang on curtains cute tassels bright orange or bright red colors. In tone to new curtains it is also good to pick up pillows, poufs and rugs. And be sure that your apartment will immediately become much more comfortable. It is important to note: the brush will look good only with «heavy curtains, for example, of those noble fabrics like thick silk, brocade and velvet. On the website roletoff: nazko is the price of roller blinds that look more attractive than their predecessors.

If curtains are simple, not expensive (besides), then they will approach holders, clamps in a variety of pretty bows and butterflies. You can use clips or clamps in the form of flowers. Now the market presents a huge range, if you want you can always find a suitable and close as the soul.

Of course, you can always consult with the designer, ask to help you choose exactly for your case the best curtains. But not all of it is expensive. Therefore, our advice is perfect for those people who are based on the principle – «be your own fashion designer».

If you often have to move, to lead a «nomadic» lifestyle, moving from apartment to apartment, and, consequently, changing their home interiors, it is best to get a versatile curtains on all occasions – the usual tulle on eyelets. Typically, a normal, standard flats is not less than the standard curtains with hooks. And light, transparent curtains will look perfect here. The tulle will help to visually enlarge the space, but it will also close the room from the prying eyes of passers-by or neighbors. Now the tulle is quite dense, but it never ceases to be very light and airy. The colors of tulle to choose, based on their temperament.

If the room itself is dark, poorly lit, then it will fit curtains of light colors from the airy fabrics and light. They will look good on lowercamel on fabric loops.

If, on the contrary, the interior is decorated in bright, energetic colours, the colours of the curtains should be, on the contrary, calm.

In the little room with colorful Wallpaper and a single window, good plain curtains. If the walls are painted in a single color, you can hang the colored curtains fabric, or blinds. You can also choose light fabric or curtains framed by tulle.

It happens that the room itself is quite narrow. Then, to visually expand, you need to hang curtains with horizontal stripes.

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