How to remove construction waste

How to remove construction waste

Organizations producing construction or repair work, are required to comply with rules of removal of debris. Failure to follow rules will result in a failure of the timing of the works, penalties, and numerous inspections by controlling bodies.

What are the different types of garbage

  • pieces of walls, bricks, tiles, concrete screed;
  • window frames, partitions, doors;
  • frozen mixes concrete, stucco paint, varnish and other construction chemicals;
  • metal fittings, pipes;
  • Wallpaper, tiles, flooring.

Garbage should be disposed of using the services of companies specializing in waste management, which have permission for this activity, for example, «Diamond» uvozim-musor/vyvoz-stroitelnogo-from garbage.

  • garbage must be placed in a special container or dump truck;
  • transportation should be carried out on a special polygon;
  • with polygon, the company must be contracted;

Activities for removal of established legal order. This activity is regulated at the state level. Export regulations are governed by the Federal law «On wastes of production and consumption» No. 89-FZ of 24.06.1998 On the basis of sanitary norms and rules, the space for the installation of containers shall be located no closer than 20 metres from rest areas, homes, children’s institutions, a maximum of one hundred meters.

Features waste disposal

  • the car carrying dusty cargo should be covered with a canopy or to carry out container transportations;
  • unloading is only possible on special grounds;
  • the container may be remnants from the last trip;
  • weight of cargo must meet the technical requirements of the vehicle;

Rules of waste disposal are required to comply with as a service company, and citizens who need to dispose of construction debris.

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